We’re gift asked tocalculate the equilibrium concentration the the hydroxide ion (OH-)in a0.150 M C6H5NH2 solution.

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To resolve this problem, we require to:

Step 1. Determine the dissociation of the basic in water.

Step 2. Build the ice cream chart.

Step 3. Determine the equilibrium concentration of OH-

Step 1.Since C6H5NH2 has actually a short Kb value, that a weak base. Remember thatweak basespartially dissociate in water and thatbases expropriate H+ from the acid(water in this case). The dissociation of C6H5NH2 is as follows:

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Aniline, C6H5NH2, is a weak base the dissociates in water. At 25 °Celsius, the base dissociation constant, Kb, because that aniline is 4.3 x 10 -10.

(A) determine the hydroxide ion concentration and also the portion dissociation that a 0.150 molar equipment of aniline in ~ 25 °Celsius.

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