when in a when I check out phrases choose "Think" is not a four-letter word and just around any word have the right to be wherein "think" is.

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I looked up the Wikipedia and looks choose it says that "four-letter word" means slang words through mostly an adverse meaning.

What does "four-letter word" typical here? does it median something prefer "it"s no that bad to think as soon as in a while"?



Idiomatically a four-letter word is a swearword, thought about rude and also unacceptable in certain contexts.

The implicit is here is that thinking and also coming increase with initial solutions to difficulties is no to it is in frowned top top in the same way, and also indeed is acceptable and encouraged.


It simply means " is not a swear word."

The implication is that you have actually been preventing , and the speaker is assigning a (highly unlikely, as the speaker is fine aware) reason to the avoidance. Together such, it"s a kind of hyperbole.


The expression "four-letter word" is provided to to express to one of the many offensive slang native in the hunterriverpei.com language containing four letters.

Usually words fuck is plan or implied but there are countless others, as listed by Wikipedia in her link. Again, from her Wikipedia connect we learn that other languages have a comparable term, sometimes referring to 3 or five letters relying on the language and also its vital swear words.

To say something is not a four-letter word is frequently used humorously or come provoke thought, due to the fact that the writer is saying that the something should not be considered especially bad. Often the other isn"t typically thought to be bad at all, thus the soft humour.

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There is a well-known song through the band Cake called Friend Is a 4 Letter Word on your album Fashion Nugget.


however to me, comes from you,"Friend" is a four-letter word,"End" is the only part of the word That i heard... Call me morbid, or absurd, yet to me, coming from you,"Friend" is a four-letter word.(Mostly unrelated, but as the inquiry has already been reply I believed it was an exciting example)

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