My chickens cost-free range frequently in the yard. Return a hard eight foot fence surrounding the property, the birds will periodically make their method into surrounding yards. Tending come the garden one afternoon, I can hear children on the other side of the fence stating a leghorn that had actually apparently wandered over to visit. Suddenly, a dog started angrily barking.

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In one instant, there to be a flapping that wings together the startled hen soared over the high fence back into my yard where it landed gracefully (at least by chicken standards) and also resumed grazing.

“Oh, snap!” a young voice cried from the other side the the fence. “I didn’t know chickens could fly!”

Many think of chickens as earthbound birds, but those brand-new to backyard chicken maintaining may be surprised to discover a pullet has mysteriously escaped the pen or complimentary rangers are discovered perched top top high fences or in trees. One intrepid hen in mine flock will even occasionally uncover its method onto the roof that the house to forage because that insects in please leaves.

While there was never a time when chickens to fill the skies, their ancestors to be a bit an ext adept than present breeds. Trained for meat and also egg production, contemporary chickens have occurred a smaller wing-to-weight ratio, feet far better suited to the ground 보다 branches and beaks developed for soil foraging. Still, when danger lurks or better foraging have the right to be uncovered on the various other side that a fence, a identified chicken will certainly take flight.

Depending top top the breed, chickens will certainly reach heights of around 10 feet and can span distances of simply forty or fifty feet. The longest recorded trip of a modern-day chicken it is long 13 seconds for a distance of just over 3 hundred feet. It may not sound favor much, however for those wrangling a flock of backyard chickens, fifty feet may be all the street it takes come encounter unhappy neighbors, angry dogs or liven roads.

Nothing. Chicken instinctively return to the coop at dusk. If they stay on your property and also out that danger, daytime roosting in tree branches or ~ above structures may be unauthorized behavior.

Keep lock fed. Chickens periodically fly end fences trying to find food. Make certain food and also water dispensers are kept full and also easily accessible.

Provide greater perches. In coops where roosts are low come the ground, birds occasionally seek out higher perches top top which come roost overnight, leave them susceptible to nocturnal predators. Provide higher perches within the coop and also refrain from cost-free ranging for a few days to permit them time to change to brand-new roosting habits.

Clip wings. Trimming a pair of inches native the advice of the largest primary feathers on one wing will inhibit a chicken’s capacity to paris even short distances. Back this is an reliable solution, be afflicted with in mind that the ability to take minimal flight is a main defense because that a chicken as soon as encountering predators like foxes, dog or cats. Clipping need to only be employed when vital for the security of the flock.

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