For strength levelers favor myself, sufficient XP is never enough. It’s not enough to get powerful, I require to gain as an effective as possible. It’s miscellaneous I carry out in virtually every RPG ns touch, yet Fallout 4 is different, and as i climbed in levels, I had actually to know: is there even a max level in autumn 4? What is it? have the right to I gain there? must I go there in ~ all?

We had to know, so below at hunterriverpei.hunterriverpei.comm, us did part digging. It turns out over there is a max level in autumn 4 after all, and you can obtain there. However you certainly should not. In short: the max level in fallout 4 is 65,535, however please, please, please do not grind to that level.

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Level 95 is the Endgame

If you want to suffer all the adversaries Fallout 4 needs to offer, 95 is the sweet spot. This is the level where you start to see ancient Behemoths, a type of at sight mutant that most players never ever see. But, if this is the endgame, 95 is not the max level. Not also close.

Level 286 is all you need.

With every one of the DLC mounted on one unmodded variation of autumn 4, 286 is the best level that renders your character more powerful in any way. At this point, girlfriend will have actually 10 in every SPECIAL, and also every tier of every perk unlocked. It’s also possible to gain there a small faster with support from items favor Bobbleheads and also Magazines. Once you have actually all the exclusive right unlocked, there’s no reason to store going. Every level past 286 just boosts the level of opponents you enhunterriverpei.comunter in the wasteland, resulting in them to steadily thrive spongier and spongier while your gear stays the same. But, for some of you, 286 levels will just not it is in enough. You need to go all the way, and we obliged.

Fallout 4 Max Level C: 65,535 is the limit

The real, final frontier of autumn 4 is 65,535. After ~ this, if you level up at all, the video game will crash. For us, this froze ours hunterriverpei.commputer and required us to closeup of the door down and restart the maker with a hand-operated power switch. Why is 65,535 the max level of fallout 4? The finest explanation is math. Achunterriverpei.comrding to our friends at Wikipedia, “65535 occurs typically in the field of hunterriverpei.commputing because it is

(one less than 2 to the 16th power), which is the highest possible number that deserve to be stood for by one unsigned 16-bit binary number”

What this method for united state is that Fallout 4 shop the player’s character level ~ above one byte that data, and also the greatest number the the byte can store is 65,535, and above that, you cause an overflow error. This limitation is comparable to the factor why Madden NFL titles, for example, can still only screen shunterriverpei.comres of up to 255 per team.

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Want come test for yourself? computer players can open the hunterriverpei.comnsole (default ~), and then usage the hunterriverpei.commmand “setplayerlevel X” where X is the wanted level. Be cautious though, as you can only boost your level, and not decrease it.