There room 195 nations in the world, however only 24 the end of 26 alphabet letters start their names. Watch if you can guess which letters room missing.

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Put your reasoning caps on, globe-savvy readers. Have the right to you surname a nation that starts v every letter in the English alphabet? part might concerned you best away, prefer Australia, Brazil, and also Canada. Others can be trickier, favor Kenya or Luxembourg.

While you could go on like this for all 195 countries, you won’t fix it for all 26 letter in the alphabet. In fact, no matter exactly how long girlfriend muse and also mull end this puzzling problem, there space two letter that no countries in the human being start with. Check out if you have the right to guess which ones they are.

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Ready for the answer? north roll, please: transforms out, no countries in the civilization start through the letters W or X. (If this was also easy, see how countless U.S. States you have the right to identify on a totally blank map.)

Some could be quick to suggest out the Wales, which is considered a country, starts through the letter W. But Wales is actually part of a bigger “sovereign state,” the UK, and also is not a member of the United nations (UN). As a result, it is often not had in main totals that countries. Other countries that aren’t included: these 15 nations that existed 100 year ago—but don’t anymore.

If girlfriend guessed Y, you were close—but you probably forgot around Yemen, i m sorry is the only country in the human being that starts with the letter Y. Meanwhile, Oman is the only nation that starts with the letter O. Other rare letters include Q and Z; no countries but Zambia and also Zimbabwe start with the letter Z, when Qatar is the lone country that starts through Q. Currently that you’ve obtained this trivia down, view if you deserve to ace this U.S. State funding quiz. An excellent luck!