Bolivia may not it is in world-famous for its neighborhood cuisine, however the country is wealthy in classic dishes easily accessible for travellers to try. Plenty of of the timeless dishes obtainable throughout Bolivia are recipes that have been passed down through numerous generations and are often served by live independence street vendors. When visiting Bolivia, don’t do the look at of some of these dishes fear you off, since you will miss out on out on some flavorsome meals.

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Here is a list of few of the most savory Bolivian food options available and part tips on finding them.


Anticuchos; Grilled Skewered Beef love Meat

1. Anticucho

A prevalent dish in Bolivia has actually skewered beef or chicken hearts, recognized as anticucho, a recipe the originated in the Andean hill ranges earlier in the 16th century. Prepared comparable to a Mediterranean shish kebab, you deserve to enjoy this well-known South American dish with potatoes and also a peanut sauce. If you want to try this timeless Bolivian dish, look for Anticucheras, street food stalls uncovered throughout the country.

2. Cuñapé

Cuñapé is a traditional dish well-known in eastern Bolivia, especially in Santa Cruz and also the country’s Northeastern Regions. This food is made using white cheese, egg, salt, milk, and also yam flour created into bread balls and also served through a cup the coffee or tea. If you room busy exploring Bolivia, enjoying part Cuñapé is a good way to construct up energy. Cuñapé deserve to be discovered from street vendors located in and near bus stations.


Empanadas Bolivianas

3. Empanadas de Queso

If friend love empanadas, girlfriend will fall in love through this Bolivian version made with a cheesy ooey-gooey center. This food is typical throughout southern America, and also many locals gain this timeless dish because that breakfast or at teatime. Empanadas de queso deserve to be made baked or fried and also found at numerous street vendors’ food stalls.

4. Queso Humacha

If you love dairy, you room going to desire to try queso humacha when traveling with Bolivia. This thick and also creamy soup is made v corn, environment-friendly beans, potatoes, milk, Altiplano cheese (lots the it), and an Andean spice referred to as wacatya. This is together a hearty soup; you are sure to fill up and also be ready to get ago out exploring.

Queso humacha is available at numerous Bolivian restaurants, including those in famous touristy areas, such together La Paz and Santa Cruz.

5. Sajta de Pollo

Sajta de pollo is a timeless meal whereby the traditional sauce (sajta) is add by chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, plain rice, and also peanuts. You will certainly love this juicy dish the is frequently served because that lunch, and many locals reap this enjoy the meal on distinct occasions, such as Carnivals and also All Saints’ Day. This dish is commonly garnished v fresh celery, garlic, and parsley, which enhance the seasonings of this dish.

Sajta de pollo is most generally served in La Paz in ~ restaurants such as Luciernagas Restaurant.


Bolivian Salteñas baked Snack

6. Salteñas

Salteñas room a timeless Bolivian street food filled v a juicy mix of sweet and savory sauces. The insides the the salteñas are additionally filled v beef, pork, or chicken. Part restaurants offer vegetarian salteñas. Additional variations that the salteñas may include those filled with peas, eggs, potatoes, and olives.

This dish is the perfect snack any time that the day, however if friend visit La Paz, go out and find a street merchant early in the morning since they often tend to market out early. This food is also available at select restaurants and also cafés throughout the country.


Traditional Bolivian Silpancho, Breaded flat Round piece Of Beef Meat

7. Silpancho

If friend are looking for a filling meal as soon as visiting Bolivia, make sure to bespeak the silpancho. This timeless dish from the valleys of Cochabamba is composed of great of white rice, boiled and also sliced tomatoes, and thinly pounded meat. Part prepare this dish through onion, beets, parsley, and also a fried egg.

If you want to try this dish, you space sure to discover it in among the plenty of restaurants in Cochabamba, such together Casa de Campo and Cayenna Bistro Café.

8. Tucumanas

Are you vegetarian and planning to take trip to Bolivia? then you are going to desire to make certain you try tucumanas, a timeless Bolivian dish that is a fried version of salteña. This pastry is stuffed with more potatoes, carrots, olives, peas and also has fewer stew-like ingredients. This is a hearty dish took pleasure in by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, yet for those wanting meat in your tucumanas, lock do have actually a variation stuffed with beef, pork, and also chicken.

Tucumanas is a usual mid-morning snack because that locals and also can be purchased from many street vendors and restaurants such as Condor cafe in Sucre, Bolivia.

9. Yuca Frita

The yuca, the edible root that the cassava, is a famous root vegetables in south American countries. Classic dishes using the yuca room made with baked, mashed, boiled, and fried potatoes. Yuca frita, or yuca fries, space thin slices that deep-fried root and served together a snack or with grilled meats, burgers, and barbecue. This is a distinctive treat you must try during your visit to Bolivia.

If you are looking to suffer these fries, girlfriend can uncover them at restaurants across the country, including Riquisimo Grill in Santa Cruz.

10. Zonzo

Zonzo to be served back before there was electrical power in Bolivia and also was traditionally do by pack this pancake-like entrée, made with cheese and also yucca, about a stick and grilling it. Currently, zonzo is accessible a couple of different means — friend, baked, or grilled — and also still uses traditional methods using a stick. Friend will want to provide this classic food item a try, specifically as a snack in the afternoon v some cuppa. This snack is one more one the is readily obtainable through regional street vendors and also is very popular in Santa Cruz.


Delicious Alfajores

11. Alfajores

Alfajores room mouth-watering cookie you must try when visiting Bolivia. You cannot simply eat one of these desserts, i m sorry resemble a cookie sandwich. The cookie are very tender, through a class of Dulce de Leche in the center, which provides this cookie melt in her mouth.

Looking because that alfajores in Bolivia? check out some regional bakeries or look because that street vendors. These room the most usual places to acquisition this decadent cookie.

12. Cocadas

Coconut is a renowned fruit provided in plenty of dishes, specifically desserts, in Bolivia and also is supplied to create cocadas. This sweet act is a traditional Bolivian confection made v a mix of shredded coconut, eggs, and also condensed milk. If you love coconut macaroons, you will reap trying these liquid treats covered with shaved coconut or almonds. You can discover this act at many food stalls in well-known tourist locations of Bolivia.

13. Helado de Canela

If you are searching for a light and also refreshing dessert if in Bolivia, you must shot helado de canela. This beloved law is a non-dairy frozen law flavored with herbal cinnamon and lemon juice. Enjoying some helado de canela is the perfect way to cool down on a warm day and also is marketed by numerous street vendors throughout Bolivia.

All the over dishes room items girlfriend must try when visiting the country and can it is in accompanied by a timeless Bolivian beverage such as mocochinchi or singani.

Hopefully, this helps you uncover some the the best local Bolivian food to shot during her visit to the country. No issue where her travels take you, shot to discover some of this mouth-watering dishes, therefore you deserve to experience part local society and suffer Bolivia traditional food.

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