The number 42 is a number with three prime determinants 2, 3, and 7. So, its prime factorization. The square source of a number is both positive and negative. We will now calculate the square root of 42 using miscellaneous methods and also learn a few interesting facts and also questions together well.

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Square root of 42: 6.48074Square of 42: 1764 
1.What Is the Square root of 42?
2.Is Square root of 42 rational or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 42?
4.FAQs top top Square source of 42
5.Important note on Square root of 42

The square root of a number indicates a number whose product through itself offers the early stage number.The square source of 42 is 6.4807.The square source of 42 is composed as √42 in radical kind and it can not be decreased further.The square root of 42 have the right to be created as (42)1/2 in exponential form. 

A rational number is a number that have the right to be express in the type of p/q where q ≠ 0.And the square root of 42 cannot be express in the kind of p/q.So, the square source of 42 is an irrational number.

We will now calculate the square source of 42 making use of these methods:

Square root of 42 utilizing Approximation Method

Find two consecutive perfect squares between which the number 42 lies. The 2 numbers room 36 (62) and also 49 (72).So, the whole number component of the square root of 42 will be 6.Now, because that the decimal part we will usage the formula:(Given number - Smaller perfect square) / (Greater perfect square - smaller perfect square)= (42 - 36)/(49 - 36) = 6/13 = 0.461So, the approximated square root of 42 through the approximation technique is 6.461.

Square source of 42 by lengthy Division

Now we will calculate the square root of 42 by the long department method.

Start pairing the number from the right side by putting a bar on height of them. In this case, we only have actually one pair (42).Now uncover a number(z) such the z × z ≤ 42. So, z will be 6 together 6 × 6 = 36 ≤ 42.Bring down one pair that zero. Hence, ours dividend becomes 600. Discover a number(m) such that 12m × m ≤ 600. The number m will certainly be 4 as 124 × 4 = 496 ≤ 600.Now repeat the over step for the continuing to be two bag of zeros.


So, we gain the square root of √42 = 6.480 through the long division method.

Explore square roots utilizing illustrations and also interactive examples.

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Important Notes:

The number 42 is no a perfect square.The square source of -42 is an imaginary number.The square root of 42 is one irrational number.