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Hmmm...i did read this inquiry weeks earlier and it has wondered myself too. Couldnt find any specific information therefore we can only guess.

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Windows 10 is programmed with mix of C, C#, C++ and also Asm, follow to wikipedia. There is no reason to doubt that information since most of the open resource OS room programmed with same languages. Asm is for hardware, C & C++ over there in the middle and C# propably for software application what comes through the OS.

My best guess v 1.0, that it is a mix of ASM & C. C# was not accessible back then but on the other hand, C++ was.

I think 85% of any type of common OS is sport of Asm & C/C++/C# and some jobs are created in some certain language come cover an ext security/speed/etc. See Pascal code in 1.0 would certainly not surprised me either.

I remember there was some OS done through Java, yet it did not live long. No surprised though. Propably many other tries has actually be viewed in era the computing.

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RichardCornell-8390 · Sep 04 at 02:39 afternoon

I I have actually a problem.I have a locked BIOS on my multiple sclerosis Surface. Due to the fact that no one in multiple sclerosis can give me a method to unlock the BIOS password lockcould the solution be in the 65 million lines of code.?If so exactly how would i go around in analysis the present of code?How execute I open the home windows 10 routine to have the ability to read the coded lines?Then I have to be maybe to readjust a couple of codes lines so I have the right to by happen the password question.

Richard Cornell

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