Fiji has three official languages. To significantly oversimplify, the Fijians speak Fijian, the ind speak Hindi, and also they all speak English to each other. Schoolchildren space taught in their indigenous language till they are competent (but not necessarily fluent) in English, which after that is the tool of instruction.

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Although you may not get into major conversations in English v everyone here -- and you may have trouble understanding English spoken with hefty Fijian or Hindi accents -- you should have little trouble obtaining around and enjoying the country.



Some understanding of Fijian will certainly come in handy, if because that no other reason 보다 the bewildering pronunciation of Fijian location names.

Fijian Pronunciation -- Fijian provides vowel sounds similar to those in Latin, French, Italian, and also Spanish:

a as in bad

e as in say

i as in bee

o together in go

u as in kangaroo.

Some Fijian consonants, however, sound an extremely different from your counterparts in English, Latin, or any other language. In devising a written kind of Fijian, the 19th-century Wesleyan missionaries decided to usage some acquainted Roman consonant in unfamiliar ways.


It would be easier for English speakers to review Fijian had actually the missionaries provided a combination of consonants -- th, for example -- because that the Fijian sounds. Their key purpose, however, to be to teach Fijians come read and also write their own language. Since the Fijians different all consonant sounds with vowels, writing two consonants together perplexed them.

The missionaries come up v the following usage:

b sounds prefer mb (as in remember)

c sounds prefer th (as in that)

d sounds prefer nd (as in Sunday)

g sounds prefer ng (as in singer)


q sounds like ng + g (as in finger)

In addition, most Fijians roll the letter r in an exaggerated fashion, favor the Spanish r taken to extreme.

Fijian Names

The unexplained pronunciation is most noticeable in Fijian place names such together Nadi, which is express Nahn-di. Over there are plenty of other surname of people and places that space equally or even more confusing.

Here space some Fijian names v their pronunciations:

Ba mBah

Bau mBau

Beqa mBeng-ga

Buca mBu-tha

Cakobau Thack-om-bau

Kadavu Kan-dah-voo

Korotogo Ko-ro-ton-go

Labasa Lam-ba-sa


Mamanuca Ma-ma-noo-tha

Nadi Nahn-di

Tabua Tam-bua

Tobura Toom-boo-roo-ah

Tubakula Toom-ba-koo-lah

Fiji Hindi

The typical everyday language spoken among the Fiji ind is a tongue peculiar to Fiji. Although the is based on Hindustani (Fiji ind have small trouble knowledge most conversation in Bollywood movies), the is somewhat various from that language as talked in India.

Originally known as "Fiji Bat," it prospered out that the require for a common language among the immigrants that came from assorted parts the the subcontinent and also spoke some of the plenty of languages and dialects discovered in India and Pakistan. Therefore it consists of words from Hindi, Urdu, Tamil Nadu, a variety of Indian dialects, and also even English and also Fijian. You"ll check out what I average by tuning right into a Hindi radio station.

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Note: This information was accurate as soon as it was published, however can change without notice. Please be sure to check all rates and details straight with the carriers in question before planning her trip.



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