In act V, scene i, what news walk Balthasar carry to Romeo in Mantua? What does Romeo plan to perform as a result?
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(Balthasar) Then she is well, and also nothing have the right to be ill. Her body sleeps in Capels’ monument, (Capulet"s)And she immortal part with angels lives. I experienced her laid short in she kindred"s vault(20) and presently took article to tell that you. O, pardon me because that bringing these ill...

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(Balthasar) Then she is well, and also nothing have the right to be ill. Her body sleeps in Capels’ monument, (Capulet"s)And her immortal part with angels lives. I saw her laid low in she kindred"s vault(20) and also presently took write-up to tell that you. O, pardon me for bringing these ill news, since you did leaving it because that my office, sir.

Balthasar hs remained in Verona long sufficient to hear the Juliet is "dead" (actually only in a potion-induced coma, together the audience knows) and also laid in the Capulet"s tomb. Straight after finding out this reality Balthasar left Verona and also came come Mantua, there is no speaking come Friar Lawrence around any of this. Because of this Balthasar only knows what anyone in Verona thinks is the truth: the Juliet is dead. The one guy in Verona who might have told the otherwise, Friar Lawrence, does not have a opportunity to phone call him that Juliet is without doubt alive.

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This renders Romeo wild with grief and also immediately suicidal. 

Well, Juliet, I will lie v thee to-night. Let"s see for means. O mischief, thou arts swift To go into in the think of no hope men! I perform remember an apothecary, and hereabouts that dwells, i m sorry late ns noted(40) In tatt"red weeds, with overwhelming brows, Culling the simples. Meagre to be his looks, sharp misery had actually worn him come the bones; and in his needy shop a turtle hung, one alligator stuff"d, and also other skins(45) of ill-shaped fishes; and about his shelves A beggarly account of empty boxes, eco-friendly earthen pots, bladders, and also musty seeds, Remnants that packthread, and old cakes of roses were thinly scattered, to consist of a show.(50) noting this penury, to myself ns said, ‘An if a male did need a poison now Whose revenue is present death in Mantua, here lives a caitiff wretch would market it him.’

Romeo remembers the there is a really poor apothecary"s (chemist or pharmacist) shop right here in Mantua. In that shop were all manner the stuffed or kept poisonous animals, and, Romeo reasons, if the is in ~ all feasible to buy toxicity (which is illegal, by the way) in Mantua, this is the one ar to buy it. Romeo sends Balthasar come hire equines for them to ride back to Verona, and Romeo plans to go and procure the poison for himself. He plans to go to Juliet"s tomb in Verona, and also lay himself in the tomb alongside her and also take the poison, therefore killing himself. Romeo does every one of these things, not discovering that Juliet is quiet alive.