Do friend think both females were making use of the death curse? The publication does to speak "Fighting to kill", yet I'd assume the Molly Weasley wouldn't use Avada Kedavra. What spell to be Molly using, then?

My best guess would certainly be the Mrs. Weasley was making use of Stupefy.

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In Half-Blood Prince, it stated that multiple stunning spells to be able come land McGonagall in a bed in ~ St. Mungo's, therefore a an effective stunning spell right to the heart (Where Molly landing the spell) would probably be sufficient kill.


(I haven't checked out the movie yet, through the way.)


We recognize Bellatrix is a sadist so she more than likely wouldn't go right for Avada Kedavra, however plenty of spells will certainly kill girlfriend if you cast them sufficient times (Sectumsempra can probably perform some lethal damage, and even a well-used Wingardium Leviosa would kill). Ns agree the Molly most likely wouldn't usage Avada Kedavra, yet she probably has actually plenty of various other lethal options, simply less direct ones.

That's a good point. As soon as looking at it like that, that seems most likely that Bellatrix would even throw a few crucio curses in over there too.

JK Rowling has actually said it to be an extremely powerful stunning spell the hit her over the heart and also caused a love attack.

If she to be fighting come kill, i doubt she'd be using Stupefy on the off-chance of protecting against Bellatrix's heart. McGonagall was in danger since she was lot much older 보다 Bellatrix, and she took four at once. This doesn't typical that a solitary Stupefy to the chest the a middle-aged woman would come even close to death her. Ns think who fighting to death would use Dark magic.

Why wouldn't Molly use the Avada Kedavra? since it's one Unforgivable or a an extremely dark curse? Harry offered the cruciatus and imperius curses, and while the wasn't ready to use the death curse we've checked out that others from the Order to be willing to use it

Plus it does matter on the state the caster is in. Remember harry having problems causing the unforgivables till he was yes, really emotional and wanted come hurt someone?

I'm walk to assume that's the exact same with many other types of spells

I’m not sure if Molly would use a curse like that also in the situation. Ns doubt she’d want to risk even the slightest possibility of hitting an chaste bystander.

In the big group duels, countless of the baddies usage a range of spells, not just the death curse. Not certain if this to be alluded to in the Dept of mystery battle or if I’m simply inferring this with no back-up but...I think the Inforgivables take much longer to actors or require much more sustained focus. You deserve to fire off a lot an ext other spells (stupefy, taranticula, etc) than the more powerful ones. So it’s a tradeoff between speed and also power

This going come sound yes, really nerdy but I kinda imagine the being prefer some Mmo's pvp. It's a mix in between dmg, control and out smarting your opponent. If you just castes Avada it come to be predictable, to add if you miss you could possible kill a friend.

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Could have been a lot of things, the death Curse go nothing however kill, and does it instantly and unblockably. But lots of various other spells deserve to kill people. Like exactly how Wormtail blew up a city block and also killed a few dozen muggles as soon as he framed Sirius


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