1. Mr. Ewell it s okay a job and also quickly loses his project for beign lazy.2. Mr. Ewell breaks in to referee Taylor"s house.3. Mr. Ewell complies with Tom"s widow (Helen) to and from work. Helen at some point has come walk a long method to go roughly Mr. Ewell"s house.

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Why, according to Atticus, does Bob Ewell be afflicted with a grudge? Which human being does Ewell view as his enemies, and why?
Atticus do Bob look poor in front of the whole town. Also though Tom was uncovered guilty, the city still knew the Mr. Ewell to win his daughter. Bob thought human being would make him a hero, yet the towns civilization didn"t care around him after the trial was over. Bob sees those connected with the trial together being his enemies. This includes, Atticus, referee Taylor, Helen Robinson, and also Link Deas.
What to be the purpose of the Halloween pageant? What valuable joke had convinced the get an impression ups to have an arranged event?
The function of the pageant (play) to be to keep all of the children together in one place. This would certainly make that so castle couldn"t pull pranks. The previous year, the children of the town had actually taken all of the furniture of two women (Tutti and also Frutti) and placed that in the basement as a prank (joke).
At the start of this chapter (chapter 28) scout thinks ago to the items that were left in the tree because that the kids and also starts talking about Boo Radley again. This is the an initial time in fairly a couple of chapters that Boo is talked about.
Jem claims that Boo should not be home due to the fact that the lights room not on. It would be ironic because that Boon no to be residence now due to the fact that Boo never leaves the house.

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Scout decides to save her costume ~ above while wade home. Just how does this impact her expertise of what wake up on the way?
Scout is pull up as a ham because that the holloween pageant. Her costume is vast and consists her entire body. Her costume renders it difficult for she to to walk fast, see, and also hear clearly. Jem states he hears someone complying with them; however, scout is not around to help. Jem wants to move much faster to gain home quickly; however, scout is not able to because of she costume.
Scout believes the Atticus did not get the male in the corner a chair because he is a bad man from the country. She knows that sometimes people from the nation are no comfortable with various other people"s houses. Probably this guy is an ext comfortable standing.This stranger could be Boo Radley?
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