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A __________ error walk not prevent the regimen from running, but causes the to produce incorrect results.

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a. Syntaxb. Hardwarec. Logicd. Fatal

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The correct answer isc. Logic

Explanation because that the exactly answer:

The regimen compiler errors uncovered while running the regime if the found syntax errors. It does not depend on reasonable of the program..If the logic of the regimen code contains an error, the does not result the execution that the program. It is no have any type of compiler errors and also execute the program successfully, but it display screens the inappropriate/incorrect outcomes as per the question.For example,Ifrun a program and also it provides you the difference of 2 values together the output, insteadof the amount of the values is the logic error. Consider the diffrence of two vlaues together the input.

Hence, c) logicerror go not prevent the regime from running, but causes the to create incorrect results.

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c. Logic is the correct answer

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