The impeachment of president Andrew Johnson to be the an outcome of politics conflict and the rupture of ideologies in the aftermath of the American civil War. It occurred from uncompromised beliefs and a dispute for strength in a country struggling through reunification.

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\"Sir, the bloody and also untilled areas of the ten unreconstructed States, the unsheeted ghosts the the 2 thousand murdered negroes in Texas, cry...for the punishment of Andrew Johnson.\"Rep. Wilhelm D. Kelley, calling for impeachment of Andrew Johnson

President Andrew Johnson, impeached because that violation of the Tenure that Office act

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Before Abraham Lincoln to be assassinated in 1865, he had actually formulated a arrangement of repair that would be lenient towards the defeated South together it rejoined the Union. That planned to approve a basic amnesty come those who pledged an oath of loyalty to the unified States and agreed to obey every federal laws pertaining to slavery (though high-ranking Confederate officials and also military leaders to be to it is in excluded from the general amnesty).Lincoln\"s plan also stated that when a tenth that the voter who had actually taken component in the 1860 election had actually agreed to the oath in ~ a certain state, then that state can formulate a brand-new government and start sending out representatives to Congress.Andrew Johnson was intent on carrying out this arrangement when he assumed the presidency. This policy, however, did not sit well v the so-called Radical republicans in Congress, that wanted to set up army governments and also implement much more stringent terms because that readmission for the seceded states. As neither side was willing to compromise, a clash the wills ensued.The politics backing to begin impeachment proceedings against the chairman came when Johnson breached the Tenure the Office action by remove Edwin Stanton, Secretary the War, from the cabinet. The Tenure of Office Act, passed end Johnson\"s veto in 1867, proclaimed that a president could not i disbanded appointed officials without the consent of Congress.Both Lincoln and Johnson had experienced problems with Stanton, an allied of the Radicals in Congress. Stanton\"s removal, therefore, was not only a politics decision made to relax the discord in between the president and also his cabinet, yet a test of the Tenure of Office Act as well. Johnson thought the Tenure that Office Act was unconstitutional and also wanted that to be legally tried in the courts.

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It was the president, himself, however, that was lugged to trial.President Johnson was impeached through the house of to represent on February 24, 1868 and the Senate tried the case in a trial that lasted native March to might 1868. In the end, the Senate voted to acquit chairman Andrew Johnson through a margin that 35 guilty to 19 not guilty - one vote short of the two-thirds essential to convict.In a 1926 case, the can be fried Court declared that the Tenure of Office Act had actually been invalid.