The original Story of Luke Skywalker's sister (Before It to be Retconned To it is in Leia) among the greatest twists in the Star battles Saga is the revelation the Luke and also Leia are brother and sister. What to be George Lucas" original plan?

did George Lucas always plan because that Luke and Leia to it is in brother and sister in Star Wars - and also if not, what to be his initial plans? The idea was first teased in The realm Strikes Back, once the ghost the Obi-Wan conversed through Yoda. "That young is our critical hope," Obi-Wan reflect dejectedly. "No," Yoda replied. "There is another.

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Lucas likes to give the impression he had actually the entire Star Wars Saga planned the end from the beginning, however the relationship between Luke and also Leia has always raised eyebrows. After all, if he"d initially intended lock to it is in brother and also sister, would he yes, really have provided them that infamous kiss step in The empire Strikes Back? Curiously enough, this is one point where Lucas has actually openly admitted he hadn"t thought points through in advance. In fact, as he defined on the 2004 DVD commentary, the various other was introduced as a method to boost tension. "It sets increase the fact that, in this series, Luke might be expendable at this point. Us don"t need Luke come tell this story. We can get somebody else to perform it... "He"s no the crucial one - over there is another." It"s a cheap trick but it works."

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In truth, the idea that Leia is the mysterious other doesn"t actually make sense. In The empire Strikes Back, a headstrong Luke abandons his Jedi maintain in order come rescue his friends; that"s the whole context for the conversation. Yet if Luke fails, and his girlfriend fall, climate that means Leia will certainly die. Yoda yes, really shouldn"t be quite so sanguine around all this. For this reason what concepts did Lucas start to formulate around the Other"s identity, and what walk he originally intend to do around it?

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Yoda"s "Another" Was constantly Luke"s Sister... However Not Leia

an essential clue is listed by Leigh Brackett"s an initial draft that the script for The empire Strikes Back, drawn up indigenous Lucas" copious notes. It"s very different native the last theatrical cut, not least in the reality that Darth Vader isn"t Luke"s father at all; in fact, ~ above Dagobah Luke even meets the force Ghost that his father, and also is mentored by him. There"s a variation of the "Other" scene in the script, though, this time in a conversation in between Luke and also the pressure Ghost:

SKYWALKER: You’ve get an impressive well, Luke. I’m proud the you. Did her uncle ever speak to you around your sister?

LUKE: My sister? I have a sister? however why didn’t Uncle Owen....

SKYWALKER: It to be my request. Once I saw the realm closing in, I sent out you both away for your own safety, much apart from every other.

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LUKE: Where is she? What’s she name?

SKYWALKER: If ns were come tell you, Darth Vader can get that info from her mind and use her as a hostage. No yet, Luke. As soon as it’s time...

Luke. Will you take, native me, the oath the a Jedi knight?

Brackett i m so sad passed away quickly after completing the very first draft, and also Lucas took over composing the next couple of drafts. Interestingly, the entire concept of Luke"s sister, or the Other, was dropped; a weaker variation swiftly discovered its means back into the script, though. "Now we must uncover another," Yoda muses. Obi-Wan disagreed; "That boy is our just hope," the insisted. In sensible terms, it"s a perfect reverse of what Lucas claimed the scene was an alleged to be about. Clearly Lucas to be toying with lots of different ideas; what to be going on?