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Hi all. I"ve acquired a 2006 Ford E-150 Van. Great vehicle. Dependable. However the various other day both my keyless FOBs stopped working. I tried doing the reprogramming point (ignition on/off 8 times, etc), so it enters the programming mode, yet the FOB will not talk to the module. Tried a preventive FOB too, not used, still no good. So, I"ve either gained a module gone bad or there is a fuse going come it the is blown. My inquiries are (1) whereby is the module located? (2) just how do I get to it? (3) whereby is the fuse or fuses the feed DC strength to it? hope it"s a fuse. Or maybe among you can point out a various solution? Thanks.
I have a 2000 E350, never had actually this problem. If it is a fuse, the fuse should be situated in the key fuse dashboard under the instrument panel on left side of the steering column. There is a diagram and also listing the the fuses, sizes, and also what the fuses are for in the owner"s manual. Check that first.
The module girlfriend are in search of may be straight behind the former passenger glove box. Just open package drawer every the method down squeezing (bending) both political parties of the box to release and let it swing every the way down. Module should be visible. Good Luck.
Did you examine the batteries in the FOBs? popular music the FOBs open and test, or replace the batteries before tearing into control modules, or throw expensive parts at it. Some components stores have test centres because that the far FOB next to the replacement FOBs.

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The crucial Fobs room good. Tested one v a spectrum analyzer. Placing out the strong 315MHz coded signal just fine. Also, it"s not the fuse. So assuming ns can uncover the recipient module, what is the setup? By the I typical is over there an antenna the is connected? Or anything else? Thanks.
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