The actor speak to the Calgary Eyeopener around his admiration for the city that organized him for six years while the filmed the popular TV show.

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Anson mount played the lead function of Cullen Bohannon top top the television series Hell on wheels — which was filmed in and also around Calgary. (AMC/YouTube)

After five seasons of filming in and around Calgary, the TV present Hell on Wheels has pertained to an end.

And apparently, us treated the actor that played the function of Cullen Bohannon, an extremely well.

"I'm native a little town in Tennessee and also I really carry out appreciate an ease of life and a hospitality that goes with that, and Calgary has actually that in spades," stated Anson Mount.

He praised the city Wednesday morning on the Calgary Eyeopener and even tipped his hat to the city's gastronomic offerings.

"My goodness, the cuisine every capita rivals brand-new Orleans as much as I'm concerned," claimed Mount.

Listen to his complete interview below:


Calgary Eyeopener7:40Actor Anson Mount states farewell come Calgary
Anson Mount, one of the command actors ~ above the recently wrapped tv drama "Hell top top Wheels," talks around what it was choose to film the display in southerly Alberta. 7:40
before officially signing off from Hell ~ above Wheels, Mount created a give thanks to you letter to Calgary on his on facebook page.

"I simply thought it was deserved, the feeling that i felt gratitude towards the city and also wanted come express that."

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