The femur — your thigh bone — is the largest and also strongest bone in her body. When the femur breaks, it takes a long time come heal. Breaking your femur can make daily tasks much more an overwhelming because it’s one of the key bones used to walk.

You feeling immediate, serious pain.You’re can not to placed weight top top the hurt leg.The injured leg shows up to be shorter than the uninjured leg.The injured leg shows up to it is in crooked.

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The femur is a very large, solid bone that is complicated to break. A broken femur is usually resulted in by a serious accident; vehicle mishaps are among the major causes.

Older adults can fracture their femur indigenous a fall due to the fact that their bones tend to be weaker. Depending upon how close come the i know good the break is, it may be called a i know well fracture rather of a femur fracture.

In many cases, your physician will start with an X-ray. If more information is needed, castle might also order a CT (computed tomography) scan. Prior to recommending details treatment, your doctor will recognize what type of break you have. The many common species are:

Transverse fracture. The break is a straight horizontal line.Oblique fracture. The break has actually an angled line.Comminuted fracture. The bone is damaged into three or an ext pieces.Compound fracture. Bone pieces are sticking out with the skin. Open fracture. A wound penetrates under to the broken bone.

Because the femur is such a solid bone, a broken femur (excluding hip fractures) is rare. The healing procedure typically takes increase to six months, walk through 4 phases:

The body starts the heal process.The body experiences inflammation.The human body regenerates with new bone growth.The human body remodels v mature bone being changed by newly formed bone.

The bulk of broken femurs require surgery and also medication.


There are different surgeries, either internal or external, to hold the skeleton in place while castle heal. The most typical surgery because that a damaged femur is referred to as intramedullary nailing. This surgical procedure inserts a rod into the size of the bone through screws over and listed below to host it right into place.


Before and after surgery, your doctor may help you manage your pain through over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as:

gabapentinoidstopical ache medications

Complications deserve to arise through femur breaks.

Peripheral damage. The rest may likewise injure the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves the the leg. Surgical complications.

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some complications regarded surgery incorporate infection and blood clots.

Following a femur break, as soon as the bone is set back right into its appropriate place and also is stable, your doctor will most most likely recommend physical therapy to combine the muscles roughly the bone. Exercises to strengthen the thigh will also assist with the go back to flexibility and normal role of the leg.

A damaged femur will usually have actually a major effect on your life, however only temporarily. Surgeries are on regular basis effective and also people are commonly able to totally heal from a broken femur. In the majority of damaged femurs, patients return to a typical lifestyle.

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