Which expense is not tape-recorded as part of the price of a​ building?A.Construction materials and also laborB.Concrete for the​ building"s foundationC.Annual structure maintenance.D.Real legacy commission payment to buy the building

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How need to you record a capital​ expenditure?A.Debit a liabilityB.Debit one assetYour prize is correct.C.Debit one expenseD.Debit capital
Which an approach almost always produces the many depreciation in the first​ year?A.​Straight-lineB.​Double-declining-balanceYour prize is correct.C.​Units-of-productionD.All produce the same depreciation in the very first year.
copy machine cost 33,000 and has gathered depreciation the 30,000. Obtain rid of machine and it s okay nothing. What is the result of the handle transaction
Which technique is supplied to compute​ depletion?A.​Straight-line methodB.​Double-declining-balance methodC.​Units-of-production methodYour price is correct.D.Depletion method
Wholesale Hardware Consultants purchased a structure for $ 354,000 and also depreciated the on a​ straight-line basis end a 25​-year period. The estimated residual worth is $ 104,000. After using the building for 15​ years, all realized the wear and also tear top top the structure would wear that out before 25 years and that the estimated residual value should be $ 88000. Beginning with the 16th​ year, Wholesale started depreciating the building over a revised total life of two decades using the brand-new residual value. Journalize depreciation expense on the building for year 15 and 16.
(Cost-Residiudal value)/Useful life = straightline depreciationDepreciation cost - structure 10,000Accumulated Depreciation - structure 10,000To document depreciation on structure price - built up depreciation = publication value(Book value - residual value)/ revised helpful life = modification depreciation Redpreciation price - buildingaccumlated depr. - building
<(Cost - gathered depreciation) x DDB rate> x (number that months/12)= twin decling balance depreciation<($18,000-$7,200) x2 x (1/5)> x (9/ 12 ) =$3,240




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