Theme describes the main meaning or article in a work of literature. Periodically it is overtly declared within the book, but often the is conveyed more indirectly v the author expecting reader to take far lessons or insights pertained to the theme from reading the work. Numerous works have universal themes, which room ones that are appropriate to everyone. Over there are plenty of universal themes in literature and life. After ~ all, art imitates life — or is that the other method around?

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universal design template of overcoming impossible odds

What Is a universal Theme?

A universal theme is one that focuses on an facet of the human being condition and deals with concepts or pertains to of interest to members of the person race, regardless of whereby they live, their background, personality type, or other unique factors.

In various other words, global themes appeal to or have definition to people regardless of individual or social differences. Universal themes emphasis on common aspects of existence that, in part way, affect all people. The fact that they deserve to be pertinent to anyone is what renders them universal ideas.

List of global Themes around Change

Change is a typical universal template in literature and life.

change resistancecircle that life resulting ageevolving traditionsfading beauty are afraid of failuregrowing come maturity cultivation up how the past impacts the presenthow the past effects the futureinevitability of changeloss that innocencemortalityovercoming difficult oddsprogressrebirthrebellion versus expectations some things never ever changestruggle

List of universal Themes around Power

Universal themes concerned power are typical in literature and also real life.

abuse the powercontrol that information manage over people control over resources corruptiondictatorshipenslavementgovernmental controlorder vs. Chaospolitical powerpower dynamicpower motivation/need for powerpower structure search for power resistance/rising up against powerself-interest tribalismtyranny united state vs. Themwaterwhat strength does to peoplewhat people do to gain power

List of universal Themes around Romantic Love

The universal layout of love is in ~ the heart of human relationships and also many literature works.

being brushed up off her feet everlasting love fated to be with each other feeling completed by a partnerfinding your soulmatefidelity vs. Infidelity an initial love forbidden love heartbreak shed loveloving someone from afar opposites attract overcoming the odds to it is in together genuine love the one who obtained awayunrequited love there"s someone because that everyonetrue love conquers all

List of global Themes about Friendship and also Family

Friendship and family are central to the human being experience, so it"s a typical universal template in literature and life.

belonging and acceptancebonds that friendshipbrotherhoodcompanionship fatherhoodfamily heritages importance of interaction lifelong friendshipsmotherhoodreunion sisterhood ties the bindtrust among friendsunbreakable bondsunconditional lovewho you deserve to rely on

List of universal Themes about Money

Money is a typical universal theme in life and literature.

being judged based on socioeconomic statusbuilding a swarm eggcapitalism"s impact on people and societygreed and corruption greed leading to someone"s downfall living paycheck to paycheckold money vs. New money other people"s money (debt)overcoming poor privilege of wide range rags come richesrisk vs. Rewardsaving for the future striving for financial security struggles of the functioning classvicious bike of povertywhat people will perform in the search of money

List of universal Themes around Knowledge and Education

Knowledge is a typical universal layout in life and also literature.

critical thinkingdangers of ignoranceeducation opens the door to plenty of possibilitiesexpertise matters facts vs. Opinions forming and testing hypotheses prestige of education information is power knowledge matters expertise is strength multiple intelligencesovercoming ignorance v education role of education in civilized societysuccess in life starts with education and learning testing assumptions the worth of clinical study

List of global Themes around Politics/Freedom

There are many universal themes related to politics and also society.

communismdemocracy discriminationfree and fair elections government oppression governmental intervention justice vs. Injusticelaws and regulations racismnational pride nationalismoppressionpatriotismsocialism social programs voting rights

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List of global Themes about Technology

Technology is one of the most common universal themes. It"s featured in science fiction and also other literature genres, as well as virtually every facet of daily life.

advances in medicineaccess come informationartificial intelligence huge brother is watchingcommunication breakthroughs helplessness of mankind vs. Technologyincreased leisure time because that humansjobs shed to technologyman losing manage of technologyman matches machinesprivacy violationsrise of the machinessimplifying manual jobs social stratification the future of workunlimited energytechnology acquisition on a life of its own

Theme and Motif in Literature

Even though this is a long list of global themes and ideas, it"s not all-inclusive. Numerous universal principles pervade the human experience and also find their method into literature. That course, once you"re focused on literature, design template isn"t all that matters. It"s also important to think about motif, i m sorry is often puzzled with theme. Check out theme vs. Motif to assist make certain you recognize the difference.