The active voice explains a sentence where the topic performs the action stated by the verb. It adheres to a clear subject + verb + object construct that"s simple to read. In fact, sentences constructed in the active voice add impact to your writing.

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Active and Passive Voice Comparison

As you check out through the following example sentences, you"ll start to become an energetic voice expert.

Active Voice

Passive Voice

Harry ate 6 shrimp at dinner.

At dinner, 6 shrimp were eaten by Harry.

Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah.

The savannah is roamed through beautiful giraffes.

Sue adjusted the flat tire.

The level tire was changed by Sue.

We are going to watch a movie tonight.

A movie is walking to it is in watched by united state tonight.

I ran the obstacle food in record time.

The obstacle food was run by me in document time.

The crew led the whole stretch the highway.

The whole stretch of highway was paved by the crew.

Mom read the novel in one day.

The novel was read by mother in one day.

I will clean the residence every Saturday.

The home will be cleaned by me every Saturday.

The company requires employee to clock a safety video clip every year.

The staff are required by the firm to watch a safety video clip every year.

Tom painted the whole house.

The whole house was painted by Tom.

The teacher always answers the students" questions.

The students" inquiries are always answered through the teacher.

The choir yes, really enjoys the piece.

That item is really enjoyed by the choir.

A forest fire ruined the totality suburb.

The whole suburb was destroyed by a woodland fire.

The two kings are signing the treaty.

The contract is being signed by the two kings.

The cleaning crew vacuums and dusts the office every night.

Every night, the office is vacuumed and dusted through the clean crew.

Larry generously donated money to the homeless shelter.

Money was generously donated come the homeless sanctuary by Larry.

The wedding planner is making every the reservations.

All the bookings are gift made by the wedding planner.

Susan will bake 2 dozen cupcakes because that the roasted sale.

Two dozen cookies will certainly be small by Susan for the bake sale.

The science class viewed the comet.

The comet was regarded by the scientific research class.

The manager will offer you instructions.

Instructions will certainly be provided to girlfriend by the director.

Thousands of tourists visit the cool Canyon every year.

The grand Canyon is went to by countless tourists every year.

The master remodeled the house to aid it sell.

The residence was remodeled through the master to aid it sell.

The saltwater corroded the metal beams.

The metal beams were corroded by the saltwater.

The kangaroo lugged her baby in her pouch.

The infant was carried by the kangaroo in her pouch.

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Stay Active

Do you see just how the same idea have the right to be written in dramatically different ways? alternative between the energetic voice and the passive voice is powerful enough to change the topic of the sentence and change the verb form. If the passive voice is not incorrect, it"s usually much less clear 보다 the active voice. When you"re comfortable through the differences between the two, inspect out readjust Passive Voice to active Voice to make sure your writing stays crystal clear and enjoyable to her readers.