Which of the following statements finest describes Wegener’s idea of continental drift?

Continents room subsiding right into the seas.

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Global seas were draining, i beg your pardon exposed stationary components of the seafloor we now contact continents.

Continents were structure up through sedimentation.

Ancient organisms had undergone mass migrations to reach the continents where they are uncovered today.

Continents were previously in various positions on the Earth and have change to their present locations over time.

Part B

How to be the fossil document of ancient life provided to assistance Wegener’s hypothesis around Pangaea?

Fossils of identical organisms were uncovered on number of continents, denote the continent were as soon as joined.

Organisms offered a series of islands to “leap frog” come another, stationary continent.

The similar fossils room all naval fossils, indicating that the continents were all once covered by a global sea.

Fossils are proof of mass migrations of organisms trying to find resources on other continents.

Organisms on multiple continents independently advanced to have the exact same appearance.

Part C

Late Paleozoic sedimentary rocks regularly contain extensive coal seams that were supplied to support the presence of Pangaea. What would the climate have been at that time and at the ar where the coal deposits to be formed, and also what would it indicate around the continent’s past latitude?

Arid climate close to the Equator

Warm, humid climate near the Equator

Cold climate close to the southern Pole

Polar tundra climate

Temperate climate in the mid-latitudes

Part D

When corresponding up once-joined continents such as south America and Africa, the shores do no fit with each other as nicely together the continent shelves. Why can this it is in the case?

Separation of the continents led to deformation of the coastlines.

Large volumes of sediment eroded indigenous the continent filling in the gaps in between the shelves.

The coastlines have been changed by substantial deposits that lava.

The continent shelves space the edges of the continent. The coast simply reflects where the sea level is in relationship to topography.

Part E

What proof supports that the glaciers ~ above the southerly continents to be once part of a single, huge ice sheet?

Depositional ridges that sediment point out a direction that ice flow away native a main location


Decreasing thickness that glacial deposits native the center outward

Glaciers reshaped continental coasts to match

Part A

Which that the complying with lithospheric key isnotincluded among the seven largest?

the southern American plate

the Australian-Indian plate

the african plate

the Antarctic plate

the Philippine plate

Part B

Earth’s lithospheric plates room composed that crust and also which that the adhering to layers?

the outermost part of the core

the innermost portion of the mantle

the middle portion of the mantle

the core

the outermost section of the mantle

Part C

Which the the following processes can be observed at the margins of lithospheric plates?




mountain building

All of the responses are correct.

Part D

In studies of rock obtained from ocean containers all over Earth, the earliest ages obtained are roughly 200 million years before the present. Why have no older oceanic rocks to be discovered?

Due to tectonic activity, rocks on the ocean floor are continually recycled.

As the lithospheric plates move around, many of the s floor rocks are driven up to type mountains.

Scientists haven’t sampled sufficient sites to uncover older rocks.

The period of planet is 200 million years.

Ocean floor is spread by volcanic eruptions.

Part E

Currently the Juan de Fuca bowl is communicating with the phibìc American plate whereby inland volcanoes and deep focus earthquakes space occurring. What kind of plate boundary is this?

a divergent bowl boundary

a continental rift zone

a transform boundary

a convergent key boundary

a mantle plume

Part A

Where room tectonic key located?

at Earth"s surface

below Earth"s surface, near the core

just under Earth"s surface

below Earth"s surface, in the top mantle

Part B

What are the three varieties of key boundaries?

divergent, convergent, and also transform

divergent, converse, and also transform

divergent, converse, and transverse

divergent, convergent, and also transverse

digressive, convergent, and also transform

Part C

Which of the adhering to statements about earthquakes v magnitude better than 4.0 is most accurate?

Earthquakes through magnitude higher than 4.0 happen in a pattern than correlates very closely with plate boundaries.

Earthquakes through magnitude higher than 4.0 happen in a pattern than correlates loosely with plate boundaries.

Earthquakes with magnitude greater than 4.0 take place in a pattern 보다 correlates closely with warm spots.

Earthquakes v magnitude higher than 4.0 happen in a pattern than correlates loose with warm spots.

Part D

Which plate border is NOT associated with volcano eruptions?





Part E

Which phenomenon can describe the visibility of volcanoes in the center of the Pacific Ocean?

transform motion



hot spots


Part F

Which kind of plate boundary is many closely connected with uplifting continental regions and also mountain building?

transform boundaries

divergent boundaries

hot point out boundaries

convergent boundaries

Item 4

The convergent plate borders are formed when two lithospheric plates relocate toward each other. The nature that a convergent boundary relies on the form of bowl that are converging. The three varieties of key convergence are

Oceanic-oceanic bowl convergence:When two oceanic bowl converge, the denser of the two subducts into the mantle. The subduction results in the partial melt of lithospheric rock above the area that subduction, causing the development of volcanoes.Oceanic-continental bowl convergence:When one oceanic plate converges through a continent plate, the oceanic plate, being denser, subducts to kind volcanic mountains.Continental-continental plate convergence:When 2 continental key converge, no of them subducts as they have a density that is much reduced than the mantle, leading to the formation of a collisional hill chain.

Part A -Types the convergent bowl boundaries

Identify each type of convergent bowl boundary.

Drag the suitable convergence labels to their corresponding targets.

Continental-continental convergence

Oceanic-continental convergence

Oceanic-oceanic convergence

Part B -Geologic attributes formed due to convergent key boundaries

Depending on the kind of key convergence, various features could result. Examples of this features include volcanic island arcs, continent volcanic arcs, and a collisional hill chain.

Drag and also drop every of the following species of functions to match the respective geologic formations.

Collisional mountain chain

Continental volcanic arcs

Volcanic island arcs

Item 5

Part A

What is convection?

a bike of moving material created by the increase of denser material and the sinking the less-dense material

a cycle of relocating material created by the sinking and rising of high-density material

a bicycle of relocating material created by the increase of less-dense material and the sinking that denser material

a cycle of moving material formed by the sinking and also rising that low-density material

Part B

What account for many tectonic plate motion?

forces in ~ upwelling plumes

forces in ~ divergent zones

forces at subduction zones

forces at convection cells

Part C

What is the relationship between temperature and density?

In general, warmer materials are denser, and colder materials are less dense.

In general, warmer materials are much less massive, and also therefore less dense, and also colder materials are much more massive.

In general, warmer products are an ext massive, and also therefore denser, and also colder products are much less massive.

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In general, warmer products are much less dense, and colder products are denser.

Part D

Which the the adhering to terms finest characterizes upwelling in the asthenosphere?





Part E

What is a plume?

a zone the upwelling product originating at the subduction-outer core boundary

a zone the upwelling material originating in ~ the mantle-asthenosphere boundary

a zone that upwelling product originating in ~ the external core-asthenosphere boundary