The Civilian conservation Corps (CCC) was a job-related relief regimen that provided millions that young males employment on environmental projects throughout the good Depression. Taken into consideration by numerous to be one of the many successful of Roosevelt’s new Deal programs, the CCC planted much more than 3 billion trees and also constructed trails and shelters in much more than 800 parks nationwide during its nine years of existence. The CCC aided to form the modern national and state park systems we enjoy today.

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CCC and also the brand-new Deal

WATCH: Franklin D. Roosevelt's new DealPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt developed the Civilian preservation Corps, or CCC, through an executive, management order on April 5, 1933. The CCC was part of his new Deal legislation, combating high unemployment during the great Depression through putting hundreds of thousands of young guys to job-related on eco-friendly conservation projects.

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A view of the Civilian conservation Corps' Tongue Camp in Wyoming's Bighorn national Forest, circa respectable 1939.

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Morning inspection at a CCC camp, circa 1937. CCC recruitslived in camps that operated under military-style rules.

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Men native the Civilian preservation Corps finish a shelter home in time for the flow of visitiors come the South mountain Reservation in brand-new Jersey, 1935.

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A crew that Civilian conservation Corps enrollees tree pine seed in Georgetown, south Carolina, circa 1936.By one estimate, the CCC planted 3.5 billion tree from 1933 to 1942.

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Men from the Reforestation Army, component of the CCC, clear brush from a hillside in the St. Joe nationwide Forest and also plant seedlings in Idaho.

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Civilian conservation Corps personnel usage a water tap to suppress part of a forest fire in Washington state, circa 1937.Teams the CCC firefighters patrolled large stretches of woodland on foot, by truck, by plane and also canoe. As soon as a blaze damaged out, nearby CCC camps were enlisted to attack the fire.

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O. W. Shelor instructs 12 CCC enrollees in mechanical theory while James J. McEntee (left) looks on at the CCC main Repair Shop inSalem, Virginia onJune 5, 1940.

Waiters and also cooks in the mess room of Civilian conservation Corps Havilah Camp F-101 in Sequoia national Forest, California, July 1933.

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A man feeds an ice cream cream cone come a captive be afflicted with cub, serving as the mascot because that the Strongs Civilian conservation Corps camp in Marquette nationwide Forest, Washington.

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The CCC camp orchestra in ~ Camp Forster, close to Ketonah, brand-new York, circa 1935.

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Civilian conservation Corps recruits playing pool, circa 1940.

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Men lean out the train home window and wave as it pulls out and also leads them come a new life serving in the CCC, circa 1935.

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A team portrait of african American Civilian conservation Corps workers at an unidentified CCC camp. CCC camps stayed segregated through race.

" data-full-height="1587" data-full-src="" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci0266034cb000272f" data-image-slug="Civilian-Conservation-Corps-CCC-GettyImages-615231424" data-public-id="MTcyODI5MjUwNzIwOTY2MzMw" data-source-name="Corbis/Getty Images">

200 members the the Civilian preservation Corps Reforestation Camp pose with their tools in Luray, Virginia on April 18, 1933.

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Reforestation members the the 117th agency of the new England Civilian conservation Corps camp kind the letters of their company in Tamworth, new Hampshire, January 17, 1934.The popular new Deal regime was phased out by 1942 together the exact same young enrollees enlisted for world War II.

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