In irradiate of new security measures brought about by the events of September 11, 2001, it is vital that all boaters be conscious of and also comply with brand-new homeland security measures set forth through federal, state and local governments. This include, however are not limited to:

Keeping a safe prescribed distance from military and commercial ships.Avoiding commercial harbor operations areas.Observing all security zones.Following guidelines for appropriate conduct such as not preventing or anchoring in ~ bridges or in a channel, and

Observing and also reporting suspicious task to appropriate authorities: “If you see something, to speak something.”

100-Yard-Approach WARNING!

Do not technique within 100 yards of any type of U.S. Naval vessel.

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If you must pass in ~ 100 yards that a U.S. Navy vessel in order to ensure a safe passage in accordance v the navigating Rules, you must contact the U.S. Marine vessel or the coast Guard escort ship on VHF-FM channel 16.

You should operate in ~ minimum speed within 500 yards of any type of U.S. Marine vessel and proceed together directed by the Commanding Officer or the official patrol.


Boaters Can assist Keep Our rivers Safe and also Secure...

Keep your distance from all military, cruise line, or advertisement shipping! perform not approach within 100-yards, and slow come minimum speed within 500-yards of any type of U.S. Naval vessel. Violators that the marine Vessel defense Zone face 6 years in prison and also a $250,000 fine, not to cite a quick and also severe response. Approaching details other commercial vessels may result in an instant boarding.

Observe and avoid all defense zones. Avoid commercial port procedure areas, specifically those that involve military, cruise line or petroleum facilities. Observe and avoid other restricted areas near dams, power plants, etc. Violators will certainly be viewed as a threat, and will face a quick, determined and also severe response.

Do not prevent or anchor in ~ bridges or in the channel. If friend do, mean to be boarded by legislation enforcement officials.

Keep a sharp eye out for anything that looks peculiar or the end of the ordinary. Report all tasks that seem suspicious to the local authorities, the coastline Guard and also the harbor or marina security. Perform not method or difficulty those acting in a suspicious manner.

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Safer boaters help reduce public requirements by permitting naval Patrols to focus their limited resources on countryside Security.

For more information on protection zones and also how you have the right to help, contact the shore Guard at 800-368-5647 or walk to the USCG website at