If you could select one thing that costs money and make it complimentary for anyone forever, what thing would you choose? Why?

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Alfred Wegener"s observation that the borders of the continents affix like puzzle pieces

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yes , or maybe no .

Everything in this world is no clear . If it to be then the life below would it is in so basic . Isn"t it ?

we know that a light once passes v a prism it gets dispered in 7 differen color . If ns ask you why it happens , you more than likely would hapily say" hey ! it happens because of dispersion of lighr " . If the ask girlfriend if you lug a liitle toy truck delivering a ball in peak of that , and also you unexpectedly pull the forwards the round goes backwards . If ns ask girlfriend why it occurred you would say " hey ! have you gone crazy these days ? it happens because of inertia which is also the first law of newton " yes ? yet if ns ask girlfriend why the sphere resists a readjust in its motion ? why the sphere wants to it is in in its place in which the is preserved ? why that doesn"t want to move along with the the van ?

you would more than likely stuck below .

we all consisting of scientists dont recognize why the happens and we have actually named it together "inertia" . We say it happens since of inertia have any school have ever taught you why inertia ?

This is just how things do work-related in this world , we in reality dont know what points are and why perform they exist . The trouble is witb our mentality . We always think hardwork is everything . Yes it is ! yet we require to have actually a lot of of brain to carry out smart occupational when necessary . The concern actually counts on what the instance is in reality . The will really dont make any kind of sense without learning this case .