Which part of one atom is proactively exchanged or shared in a chemical bond?A) protonB) electronC) neutronD) depends on the type of atom

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Three pirates, One Eye, lengthy John, and also Peg Leg, to be gambling through pieces that gold. All the winnings were piled increase on the table. One Eye said, "I have won 1/2" and took a huge handful or two. Lengthy John said, "I have won 1/3" and also took a handful. Peg leg said, " I have actually won 1/6" and took a small handful. One Eye said, " I have taken as well much" and also returned a half. Lengthy John said, "I have taken too much" and returned a third. Peg foot said, "I have taken also much and also returned a sixth. The money top top the table was then shared out equally and also they had actually 42 pieces each. One Eye said, "I have actually now 1/2 of the total originally." long John said, " i now have 1/3 the the originally." Peg leg said, "I have now 1/6 that the originally."How much was on the table originally?
Whether you select or whether you don"t, ns leap native the top to the expect of a bond. Attempts come extinguish mine work"s divine, only hardens the grip-holds in time. What to be I?
Two men and two women, all transferring loaded shotguns, drove come a field where lock planned to shoot as countless birds together possible. The 4 had absolutely no desire to eat any kind of of the birds they were planning come shoot, and they lugged no dogs to retrieve any kind of they taken place to hit. Each of the four civilization in turn would loudly scream a one-word command, and also when a bird would certainly fly the end in front of them, they would certainly shoot to damage it. When they were finished, the body of 99 bird lay mutilated in the field, as just one bird had actually escaped their deadly shooting skills. The 2 men and two women cheerfully exchanged high-fives, and also congratulated each other on their fantastic hour that destruction. Numerous onlookers, who taken place to evil the onslaught, provided the 4 a according to round the applause because that the entert
The elements of the third duration of the periodic Table are offered below: periodic-classification-of-elements-chapter-wise-important-questions-class-10-science-1 (a) i beg your pardon atom is bigger, Na or Mg? Why? (6) recognize the most (i) metallic and also (ii) non-metallic element in period 3.

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