Which algebraic expression to represent the phrase 4 times a number?

We understand it is multiplication, because of the crucial word: times. Four times a number deserve to be written as: “4 * c” or “4 x c” or “4(c)” or “(4)c” or “4c”.

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How do u write the sum of a number and also 4?


The ” amount of a number and 4 ” way ADD them: → x+4.Triple that way multiply by 3.→ 3(x+4)“The amount of triple a number and also 4 ” which would certainly be.3x+4.

Which algebraic expression represents the expression two time the quantity of a number minus 12?

2 answers By professional Tutors the would mean “the quantity of a number minus 12” means (x – 12) is set aside because that an procedure to be performed on every little thing in parentheses. The algebraic expression because that that would be y = 2 (x – 12).

Which set does no contain 3?

Integers are like the totality numbers, but they additionally include an unfavorable numbers ( together – 3 ). For this reason – 3 is one integer and also not a entirety number. Answer: C ) the collection of whole numbers.

What is the sum of the number 4?

NumberRepeating bicycle of amount of number of Multiples

What is double a number lessened by four?

When twice a number is decreased by 4 the number is 44.

What go the amount of a number average in math?

A quantity is one amount, number, or measurement that answers the inquiry ‘how much?’ Quantities deserve to be expressed in number or non-standard units. In more advanced math, amount can also refer come an unknown quantity in an equation.

Which expression represents the algebraic expression 5x 9 the product of 5 times a number and also nine the distinction of nine times a number and also five the amount of 5 times a number and five the difference of five times a number and nine?

Answer professional Verified “Five times a number” is written as 5x. This is due to the fact that the number itself is unknown, so we use a variable. “Difference” way subtraction; therefore “The distinction of five times a number and also 9” would certainly be 5x-9.

Is 3 an facet of the reasonable numbers?

The reasonable numbers room those number which deserve to be expressed as a ratio between two integers. Because that example, the fountain 13 and −11118 room both reasonable numbers. All the integers are contained in the rational numbers, since any integer z have the right to be composed as the proportion z1.

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Where would certainly 0.3 it is in on a Venn diagram?

Where need to 0.3% be put in the Venn diagram? real numbers. Organic numbers, because 0.3% is a positive.