Major political, social, economic, technological, andcultural advancements of the 1920s.

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Which statement best describes the the atmosphere of Americans throughout the 1920s?
They hoped for a return to normal life after human being War I.
Which statement best describes the see of the presidents native 1920 to 1932?They favored high tariffs to defend U.S. Company interests.
Immigration quotas that restricted European immigrants were approved under PresidentHarding.
President Coolidge’s policy in Latin America continuedRoosevelt’s large Stick policy.
President Hoover believed that the federal government shouldestablish guidelines for businesses to monitor voluntarily.
At first, chairman Hoover believed that the case caused by the stock sector crash in 1929 was atemporary difficulty that organization could solve.
The factor for the Palmer raids was fear ofa communist plot to fall the government.
During the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klanattacked afri Americans, Jews, immigrants, and also Catholics.
Factory owners regularly blamed strikes onworkers that were “Reds” or communists.
Marcus Garvey was an African-American leader whoencouraged afri Americans to return to Africa.
The ACLU is a team that was founded todefend the civil liberties guaranteed in the Constitution.
The NAACP to be foundedearly in the twentieth century come protest gyeongju violence versus African Americans.
The Women’s Christian Temperance Union and also the Anti-Saloon League began a solid movement for prohibitionafter the civil War, in the so late 1800s.
The strongest support for prohibition was normally inrural areas, specifically in the South and also West.
The Volstead Act to be passed in 1919 toenforce the Eighteenth Amendment.
During the 1920s, “speakeasies” were popular and “bootleggers” an effective becausemany civilization did no agree with Prohibition.
During the great Depression, people suggested that Prohibitionkept world out the work.
Prohibition ended with the Twenty- first Amendment in1933, during the an excellent Depression.
Based top top the map, i beg your pardon state would be most most likely to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment?New York
Which statement best describes suffrage between 1913 and 1920?Most states offered women at least partial suffrage.
In 1890, the national American mrs Suffrage Associationformed a national strategy to pass woman suffrage.
Most women that worked outside of the residence in the late 1800s and early 1900s did so becauseof economic need.
Which factor was most important in the advancement of the Harlem Renaissance?the promotion of black pride through African-American leaders
The Harlem Renaissance lasted native about1920 till the good Depression (early 1930s).
How walk the Harlem Renaissance affect white society?Whites began to appreciate African- American writers and artists.
Zora Neale Hurston called poor Southern blacks with little schooling “the greatest cultural wealth the the continent.” her outlook led she to writestories that commemorated women searching for their identity.
Which kind of creative expression brought most white civilization to Harlem?“jazz” music shows
Writers throughout the Harlem Renaissancefocused top top African-American experiences.
Which statement describes life for many Americans throughout the 1920s?They functioned fewer hours than previously and had more money come spend.
During civilization War I, radios wererestricted to armed forces purposes.
Radio stations were an initial intended toincrease radio sales because that manufacturers.
Why were big radio networks favor NBC and CBS formed?to link stations throughout the nation to enable for common programming
How did people react come “talkies?”Movie attendance doubled in only three years.
How did radio and also movies help establish a national well-known culture?People in different areas and also living conditions could share usual entertainment.
How did mass manufacturing techniques change industry in the early 1900s?They allowed industry come produce an ext goods more quickly.
What was the key reason that people started to live farther indigenous the facility of cities in the early 1900s?They can travel come work and other services more easily.
Which statement best describes the expansion in auto sales throughout the beforehand 1900s?Sales grew very quickly once cars were mass produced.
Which statement defines how electricity impacted industry in the beforehand 1900s?Factories used power to power their machines and produce an ext goods.

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Which statement ideal describes city sprawl?the expansion of cities away from your centers
How had actually the automobile affected the American see by 1930?Paved auto roads linked most significant American cities.
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