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Packet Tracer LAB
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Refer come the exhibit. Assuming the the routing tables room up come date and no ARP messages are needed, after a packet leaves H1, how countless times is the L2 header rewritten in the route to H2?

CCNA 2 v6 RSE final Exam Answers form A 2018 2019 07

In the R2 routing table, the route to with network is labeled with an governmental distance that 1, which shows that this is a static route.

A network administrator reviews the routing table ~ above the router and also sees a path to the location network with a next-hop IP attend to of What space two explanation of this route? (Choose two.)

default routesupernet routeultimate routeparent routelevel 2 son route 

A level 2 child course is a subnet the a classful network and also an ultimate path is any type of route that provides an exit interface or following hop address. is a subnet of the classful network.​

Which two determinants are crucial when deciding which internal gateway routing protocol to use? (Choose two.)

scalabilityISP selectionspeed of convergencethe autonomous mechanism that is usedcampus backbone architecture

There space several components to think about when selecting a routing protocol to implement. Two of them space scalability and also speed that convergence. The other alternatives are irrelevant.

Employees the a agency connect their wireless laptop computer systems to the enterprise LAN via wireless accessibility points that are cabled to the Ethernet ports of switches. At which layer of the three-layer hierarchical network architecture model execute these switches operate?

distributiondata linkphysicalaccesscore

What is a characteristic of the circulation layer in the three layer hierarchical model?

acts as the backbone because that the network, aggregating and also distributing network website traffic throughout the campusprovides access to the rest of the network with switching, routing, and network access policiesdistributes access to end usersrepresents the network edge

One the the features of the distribution layer is aggregating massive wiring closet networks. Providing access to finish users is a role of the access layer, i m sorry is the network edge. Acting together a backbone is a function of the core layer.

Which details does a switch use to populate the MAC deal with table?

the location MAC deal with and the incoming portthe destination MAC deal with and the outgoing portthe resource and destination MAC addresses and the just arrived portthe source and destination MAC addresses and the outgoing portthe resource MAC resolve and the incoming portthe source MAC address and the outgoing port

To keep the MAC resolve table, the switch provides the source MAC resolve of the incoming packets and the port the the packets enter. The destination deal with is provided to choose the outgoing port.

Which explain is correct about Ethernet switch framework forwarding decisions?

Frame forwarding decisions are based upon MAC address and port mappings in the electronic came table.Cut-through structure forwarding ensures the invalid frames are constantly dropped.Only frames v a transfer destination deal with are forwarded out all active switch ports.Unicast frames are constantly forwarded nevertheless of the location MAC address.

Cut-through frame forwarding reads up to just the an initial 22 bytes that a frame, i m sorry excludes the frame inspect sequence and thus invalid frames may be forwarded. In addition to broadcast frames, frames with a destination MAC resolve that is no in the camer are likewise flooded out all energetic ports. Unicast frames space not constantly forwarded. Got frames with a destination MAC deal with that is connected with the switch harbor on which the is received are no forwarded due to the fact that the destination exists on the network segment linked to the port.

Which switching method drops frames that fail the FCS check?

borderless switchingcut-through switchingingress port bufferingstore-and-forward switching

The FCS examine is supplied with store-and-forward convert to drop any type of frame through a FCS that does not enhance the FCS calculation that is make by a switch. Cut-through switching does no perform any type of error checking. Borderless switching is a network architecture, not a convert method. Ingress port buffering is provided with store-and-forward switching to support different Ethernet speeds, however it is no a switching method.

In what case would a layer 2 switch have actually an IP resolve configured?

when the great 2 switch needs to front user web traffic to another devicewhen the class 2 switch is the default gateway that user trafficwhen the great 2 switch requirements to it is in remotely managedwhen the class 2 move is using a routed port

Layer 2 switches deserve to be configured v an IP resolve so the they deserve to be remotely managed by one administrator. Layer 3 switches deserve to use one IP address on routed ports. Great 2 switches perform not require a configured IP deal with to forward user web traffic or act together a default gateway.

A network administrator is configuring a brand-new Cisco switch for remote management access. Which 3 items should be configured ~ above the switch because that the task? (Choose three.)

IP addressVTP domainvty linesdefault VLANdefault gatewayloopback address

To permit the remote management access, the Cisco switch have to be configured v an IP resolve and a default gateway. In addition, vty lines have to configured to permit either Telnet or SSH connections. A loopback address, default VLAN, and VTP domain configurations space not vital for the purpose of far switch management.

A network technician has actually been asked to secure all switches in the campus network. The security requirements are because that each switch to immediately learn and add MAC addresses to both the attend to table and also the to run configuration. I beg your pardon port security configuration will satisfy these requirements?

auto for sure MAC addressesdynamic secure MAC addressesstatic secure MAC addressessticky for sure MAC addresses

With difficult secure MAC addressing, the MAC addresses have the right to be either dynamically learned or manually configured and then save in the address table and included to the running configuration file. In contrast, dynamic secure MAC addressing offers for dynamically learned MAC addressing the is stored just in the resolve table.

A network administrator is configuring port security on a Cisco switch. Once a violation occurs, i m sorry violation setting that is configured ~ above an interface will cause packets with an unknown resource address to it is in dropped with no notice sent?


On a Cisco switch, an interface can be configured for one of three violation modes, clues the action to be taken if a violation occurs:Protect – Packets through unknown source addresses are dropped till a sufficient number of secure MAC addresses space removed, or the number of maximum allowable addresses is increased. There is no notice that a security violation has actually occurred.Restrict – Packets v unknown source addresses space dropped until a sufficient variety of secure MAC addresses room removed, or the number of maximum allowable addresses is increased. In this mode, there is a an alert that a security violation has occurred.Shutdown – The interface instantly becomes error-disabled and the port LED is rotate off.

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Two employees in the Sales room work different shifts v their laptop computers and also share the exact same Ethernet port in the office. Which set of regulates would enable only this two laptop computers to usage the Ethernet port and create violation log entry without shutting under the harbor if a violation occurs?

switchport setting accessswitchport port-securityswitchport setting accessswitchport port-securityswitchport port-security preferably 2switchport port-security mac-address stickyswitchport port-security violation restrictswitchport setting accessswitchport port-security maximum 2switchport port-security mac-address stickyswitchport setting accessswitchport port-security preferably 2switchport port-security mac-address stickyswitchport port-security violation protect


The switchport port-security command v no parameters must be gone into before any type of other port security options. The parameter best 2 guarantee that only the an initial two MAC addresses recognize by the switch space allowed. The mac-address sticky option permits the move to discover the very first two MAC addresses the come into the certain port. The violation restrict alternative keeps monitor of the number of violations.

Refer come the exhibit. What protocol must be configured on SW-A port 0/1 if it is to send website traffic from many VLANs to move SW-B?