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hatchet memory acquisition is to storage retention as ________ is to ________.

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Definition d. Encoding; storage
Term To acknowledge the active information processing that wake up in short-lived memory, researchers have identified it together ________ memory.
Definition working
Term As contrasted with long-term memory, temporary memory is ________ permanent and also ________ minimal in warehouse capacity.
Definition less; more
Term The considerable rehearsal crucial to encode rash syllables ideal illustrates
Definition effortful processing
Term back Jordan might not recall the precise words of a poem he had actually recently heard, he plainly remembered the definition of the poem. This finest illustrates the importance of
Definition a. Semantic encoding.
Term that is simpler to psychic “what sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals” 보다 to recall “what sobriety conceals, alcohol unmasks.” This best illustrates the worth of
Definition b. Acoustic encoding.
Term as soon as you hear acquainted words in your native language, that is virtually difficult not to register the interpretations of the words. This finest illustrates the prestige of
Definition b. Automatic processing.
Term placing items into familiar, controlled units
Definition Chunking
Term psychological pictures; a powerful aid come effortful processing
Definition imagery
Term encoding of meaning, consisting of the definition of words
Definition sematic encoding
Term Students that review previously learned course product at miscellaneous times transparent a semester to pass a an extensive final are particularly likely to demonstrate long-term retention the the food material. This best illustrates the worth of
Definition spacing effect
Term at a block party, Cyndi is introduced to eight new neighbors. Moments later, she remembers just the surname of the first three and last two neighbors. Her endure illustrates
Definition serial position effect
Term example of this is...our tendency to recall the critical and an initial item ~ above the list
Definition serial place effect
Term distribute research or practice to yield much better long-term retention 보다 is completed through fixed study
Definition spacing effect
Term repeat of information either to keep it in awareness or to encode it because that storage
Definition rehearsal
Term encoding that needs attention and also conscious effort
Definition effortful processing
Term unconscious encoding the incidental information, such as space,time,and frequency, and of well-learned information, such as word meanings
Definition automatic processing
Term persistence of discovering over time throughout he storage and also retrieval that information
Definition memory
Term An knowledge of the spacing result provides insight into effective strategies for
Definition a. Rehearsal.
Term temporary memory of a visual-only lasting a few secs-ex;lic place driving by
Definition iconic memory
Term momentary sensory storage of hearing-
Definition echoic memory
Term Ebbinghaus observed the it is much simpler to learn coherent material than to learn nonsense material. This finest illustrates the benefit of
Definition c. Semantic encoding.
Term The peg-word device relies greatly on the use of
Definition a. Intuitive encoding.
Term combine individual letter into acquainted words permits you to remember much more of the letters in this sentence. This finest illustrates the value of d. Chunking.
Definition chunking
Term because that a minute after listening his dog’s high-pitched bark, Mr. Silvers has a vivid auditory impression that the dog’s yelp. His endure most plainly illustrates ________ memory.
Definition d. Echoic
Term i beg your pardon of the adhering to is believed to it is in the synaptic basis because that learning and also memory?
Definition long-term potentiation
Term Mr. Nydam suffers from amnesia and also is unable to remember playing golf ~ above a details course. However the more he plays the course, the an ext his video game improves. His endure illustrates the need to identify between
Definition c. Clear memory and implicit memory.
Term implicit-non-declaritive
Definition conscious recollection
Term explicit-declaritive
Definition unconscious recollection
Term because that a portion of a second after the lightning speed disappeared, Ileana kept a lively mental image of that ragged edges. Her suffer most clearly illustrates the nature that _______ memory.
Definition a. Iconic
Term when you need to make a long-distance call, dialing one unfamiliar area code plus a seven-digit number, you are likely to have actually trouble retaining the just-looked-up number. This best illustrates the minimal capacity the ________ memory.
Definition c. Short-term
Term many Americans still have accurate flashbulb storage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. This ideal illustrates that memory development is assisted in by
Definition d. The body’s release of tension hormones.
Term having read a story once, particular amnesia victims will read it much faster the second time also though they can not recall having seen the story before. They have actually most most likely suffered damage to the
Definition a. Hippocampus.
Term the activation frequently unconsciously- might need a cue or prompt to accessibility memory out-ex; spring at someone else"s wedding pics create my own wedding memories
Definition priming
Term retrieved info learned already;example-fill in the empty test
Definition recall
Term needs prompt-memory in i beg your pardon the human need only i.d. Items previously learned ;example-multiple an option test
Definition recognition
Term ex-walk right into a room and forget why-return to whereby you were formerly to try and remember
Definition context effect
Term encode information while your mind is in a particular state that mind-ex; some need to listen to music to take it a test bc thats exactly how they study
Definition state dependency learning
Term mood influences how we encode info-and retrieve it
Definition mood congruent
Term The more happiness Judie is, the much more readily she recalls experience with previous teachers who were warm and also generous. This finest illustrates the emotional states can be
Definition a. Retrieval cues.
Term if in a context similar to one you’ve remained in before, you watch a stranger that looks and walks like one of your friends. These scenarios are likely to cause the suffer of
Definition a. Déjà vu.
Term Which check of memory typically provides the fewest retrieval cues?
Definition b. Recall
Term A measure of her memory in i m sorry you must pick the appropriately learned answer from a presented list of options is known as a measure up of
Definition b. Recognition
Term come recall his early life experiences, Aaron formed vivid mental images of the assorted rooms in his childhood home. Aaron was applying the procedure of
Definition d. Priming.
Term at any time Valerie experiences intense feelings the fear, she is overwhelmed with childhood memory of she abusive parents. Valerie’s experience best illustrates
Definition b. Mood-congruent memory.
Term this memories space masking old ones-new material interferes with retrieval that old information
Definition retroactive interference
Term prior learning interferes through recall of new information
Definition proactive interference
Term during her night Spanish language exam, Janica so quickly remembers the French vocabulary she studied the morning the she finds it complicated to remind the Spanish vocabulary she rehearsed that afternoon. Her an obstacle best illustrates
Definition b. Proactive interference.
Term after Teresa was verbally threatened by someone in a passing car, she to be asked whether she known the man who was driving the car. Several hours later, Teresa mistakenly recalled the the driver to be a male fairly than a female. Teresas experience ideal illustrates
Definition c. The misinformation effect.
Term Recalling something the you had once just imagined happening together something you had directly experienced best illustrates
Definition d. Source amnesia.
Term Forming countless associations between brand-new course material and what you currently know is an effective way to develop a network of
Definition a. Retrieval cues.
Term Austin i do not know remember Jack Smiths name due to the fact that he wasnt paying attention when Jack to be formally introduced. Austins poor memory is ideal explained in terms of
Definition b. Encoding failure.
Term While acquisition the final exam in American history, Marie to be surprised and frustrated by her temporary inability come remember the name of the very first president of the joined States. Her an obstacle most clearly illustrates
Definition d. Retrieval failure.
Term although Ron typically smokes 2 packs that cigarettes a day, the recalls smoking cigarettes little much more than a fill a day. This bad memory ideal illustrates
Definition b. Motivated forgetting.
Term The surprising ease with which people type false memories ideal illustrates the the procedures of encoding and also retrieval involve
Definition d. Memory construction.
Term numerous months ~ watching a scientific research fiction movie about spaceship travel and also alien abductions, Steve began to remember the he had actually been abducted by aliens and personally subjected to countless of the horrors depicted in the movie. His mistaken recall ideal illustrates
Definition c. Resource amnesia.

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Term We desire to forget the bad and also remember the good
Definition motivated forgetting
Term examples of sins of forgetting
Definition absent mindedness-repression-decay
Term ex; of guilty of distortion
Definition misatribution-biasect-suggestability
Term guilty of intrusion
Definition persistance(unwanted memories keep coming back)
Term encoding failure
Definition didnt encode info correctly-we didnt placed enough initiative into it
Term frequently distorted by others assumptions-ex:u witnessed a wreck-you listen on the news that the driver was driving crazy-u assume he to be drinking now
Definition memory construction
Term ex is when a kid gets abused through the uncle-the mommy says to the child,its no a huge deal that exactly how he shows love
Definition misinformation effect
Term girlfriend feel favor something is true however it never ever happend to you
Definition false memories
Term declare memory-explicit
Definition Fact-Knowledge:everyday(where us park)general(52 main in year)Academic(smarty stuff)
Term explain memory-explicit
Definition sematic memory-episodic-flashbulb
Term nondeclarative-implicit
Definition unconscious-skills,procedures-skills that are well rehearsed
Term the more emotional the event
Definition the stronger the memory
Term stress reasons hormones come release
Definition cortisol
Term cortisol boosts glucose the increases..
Definition arousal-to sear into memory permanently
Term very stressed brains wont be together efficient as result of this hormone
Definition cortisol
Term too much stress have the right to corrode
Definition neural connections
Term flash bulb memory
Definition ex-where to be u in ~ 911- experiencing it ideal now, feels prefer u were their almost everywhere again
Term amnesia
Definition memory degeneration caused by different things-damage come the brain