The appropriate answer is letter C. Have confidence in those friend love and also don"t let others tempt you right into betraying the one you love.

Psyche had actually been married come Cupid there is no having first seen him and being forbidden by that to execute so. Psyche"s sisters, envious of her living situation, fill her v doubt about her husband"s appearance and also urge she to unveil it. If trying to watch him, Psyche"s mistrust physically damages Cupid who then must desert her.

The layout is accentuated in the story as Psyche undergoes an excellent obstacles come remedy her having betrayed Cupid because of the influence of others. The class is then no to autumn to any comparable pressures and also mistrust the our love ones.

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The story of Cupid and also Psyche has a theme about love i m sorry in the story describes that the route to the union of eternal love deserve to be really difficult.

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The key theme or idea is the main problem debated in a paragraph. Other names for the main ideas include the key thoughts and main ideas.

steps in finding a theme in a story, namely:

Read and also understand a storyUnderstand the background of the storySee the title of the storyRead the conclusions

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The design template of the story in between psyche and cupid is the you need to not let other people weaken her confidence in the one you love and who loves friend back.

This is because, summing up the story, return it was the many beautiful of the 3 sisters, Psyche to be the just one however to be married, and also her parents started to doubt that she daughter"s beauty might have infuriated the gods. Thus, they decision to top the oracle the Apollo and also receive the news the the girl would certainly not marry a human, yet rather v a varieties of disastrous dragon that live on the top of a mountain.

The bad girl, accepting she fate, costume in funeral clothes and also decides to accomplish the creature. Psyche end up going right into a totally dark room and giving self over to the monster. In time, the girl begins to enjoy encounters with the an alleged dragon, yet he forbids her from utilizing any source of light and makes her promise that she will certainly never try to check out him.

And things between the two job-related wonders - till the sisters of Psyche show up for a tiny visit and, feeling jealous of just how the girl lived, convince the young woman the she should finish the romance v the monster, find out his true identity and also kill him. For this reason one night, when the creature slept, Psyche, equipped with a dagger, decides to irradiate a lamp and discovers that, in fact, she husband is Cupid. Surprised to establish that rather of being married come a horrendous being, her companion was one of the many beautiful creatures Psyche had ever before seen, she go away and ends up wounding herself with one of Cupid"s arrows and falling madly in love with him. Climate she accidentally knocks some of the warm oil from the desk lamp on the winged boy and also he flees flying.

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Have belief in those friend love and don"t let rather tempt you into betraying the one friend love.

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The template does the story that Cupid and Psyche convey is C, have faith in those friend love and don"t let others tempt you right into betraying the one you love. The Cupid and Psyche is comes to of the overcoming the impediments to the affection amongst st Psyche, and also Cupid or Amor, and also their definitive union in a sacrosanct marriage.

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