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Fortunato does not necessarily believe that Luchesi is one "ignoramus." In fact, the may believe that Luchesi is at the very least as knowledgeable about wines as himself. He is only telling Montresor the Luchesi is one ignoramus because that is what he desires him come think. Throughout the story Fortunato is...

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Fortunato does no necessarily believe that Luchesi is one "ignoramus." In fact, that may think that Luchesi is at the very least as knowledgeable about wines as himself. He is only telling Montresor that Luchesi is an ignoramus since that is what he wants him come think. Transparent the story Fortunato is apprehensive the Montresor will certainly consult Luchesi, and also Fortunato doesn"t want the other man even to know about the presence of the Amontillado.

Montresor says he has bought one pipeline (126 gallons) in ~ a cheap price. There should still be a whole shipload the Amontillado in the harbor. Fortunato is no anxious come sample Montresor"s alcohol in bespeak to gain a glass or two. Amontillado is a good wine, but it is not rare; he might easily discover a bottle in a liquor save if he to be so fond of it. He is not anxious come sample the to present off his connoisseurship the wines. He is not anxious to go to every that trouble at the time the night in bespeak to perform a favor for a friend. Fortunato desires to make a huge profit by purchase as numerous casks that the Amontillado together he can and also then offering it in bottles. That visualizes a entirety shipload containing naught but large oaken casks of the finest Spanish sherry. But he has to sample it to make sure it is the real Amontillado.

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Montresor has shown he is a shrewd referee of human character. That knows that Fortunato is currently planning to tell him the alcohol he supposedly bought is just an ordinary sherry and also then discover the ship and also buy increase the whole cargo. Fortunato is rich and also can end up being even richer. He will certainly not just make a profit yet consider his trickery an "excellent jest." Tricks prefer this are amongst the thousands injuries he had inflicted top top Montresor end the years. Fortunato put on a jester"s costume because he think of himself together a jester and trickster. Montresor to know he couldn"t to trust him to tell the truth about the Amontillado--if it existed. He would taste it, wrinkles his nose, shower his head, and also say it was just ordinary Spanish sherry. Regrettably for Fortunato, over there is no Amontillado.