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In chapter 3, Carlson start the bunkhouse and begins complaining about Candy"s old dog. He comment on the horrible smell that the old dog and also mentions the it have the right to barely eat that is food. Candy"s old dog is basically useless and barely living. Although liquid shares a unique bond with his...

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In thing 3, Carlson enters the bunkhouse and also begins complaining about Candy"s ancient dog. He comment on the terrible smell the the old dog and also mentions the it deserve to barely eat its food. Candy"s old dog is essentially useless and barely living. Although candy shares a one-of-a-kind bond v his old dog, he cannot deny that the old dog is close come death. Carlson lacks sympathy and also offers come shoot the dog to put it the end of that misery. Liquid hesitates to permit Carlson come follow v with shooting his dog till Slim provides Carlson the okay. As soon as Slim agrees v Carlson and tells him to put the dog the end of the misery, liquid is helpless and also does not stop Carlson from taking his dog outside and shooting it.

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The fate the Candy"s dog underscores the relationship between the strong and weak ~ above the ranch. The ranch is a hostile, threatening environment, where just the strong survive. Candy"s dog is old, useless, and also extremely vulnerable. Therefore, Candy"s old dog cannot protect itself native strong, aggressive individuals like Carlson. This scene not just foreshadows Lennie"s tragic fatality but also underscores Steinbeck"s theme regarding the relationship between the solid and weak. ~ above the ranch, strong individuals ruthlessly wield their power by oppressing and harming weaker people. Steinbeck continuous depicts just how stronger, callous individuals take advantage of weaker characters. For example, Curley immediately challenges Lennie due to the fact that he knows that he is holy spirit disabled, and also Curley"s wife threatens Crooks since he is a powerless black color man. Similarly, Candy"s dog is weak and also vulnerable, i beg your pardon is why Carlson ruthlessly kills it.