In September that 2016, Dierks Bentley earn his 15th No. 1 solitary with "Different because that Girls," a duet v Elle King. The song, from Bentley's 2016 album, Black, was created by Shane McAnally and also JT Harding. Featuring lines that incorporate "It's various for girls when their mind get damaged / they can't ice cream it ago together with a whiskey and Coke / lock don't take someone home and also act favor it's nothing / lock can't just switch it turn off every time they feeling something," "Different for Girls" instantly resonated through the married dad of three.

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Below, McAnally, Harding and Bentley talk about "Different because that Girls" and also reveal exactly how the writers persuaded Bentley the track was because that him.

JT Harding: The particle of the idea come from a conversation i was having with a girl. Ns couldn’t think that she to be going v a breakup and also she was so together; she to be like, "I can’t just let the whole people fall apart." i have an additional buddy, that I won’t mention, that literally damaged up through someone and also went out at night picking fights and went nuts.

Shane and also I create a lot, and I knew he to be on mine calendar. He conserves his best ideas because that Miranda Lambert and also Sam Hunt, so i knew I had to come in v a title. Ns barely had the seed and just the title, and I knew Shane would knock it the end of the park. He come up through the best line in the song: “When the going it s okay tough, guys deserve to just act tough;" that to be the glue that lugged it all together.

Shane McAnally: This song simply felt favor fireworks. As soon as he claimed "Different for Girls," ns couldn’t believe I had never heard that title. I think that both the us have been broken up v enough and also been ~ above both sides of relationships that the didn’t matter that that was written from a male or female suggest of view.

We definitely were just trying to look in ~ it objectively. It’s not every girl that’s this way; it’s no every man that’s this way. Ns think some people had a rub around that, about whether or no we were properly describing every female. Overall, it was claimed to be an anthem because that women; that was supposed to it is in a pointer of the cap to the fact that females are developed in a method that lock go towards emotion, that they wear their hearts on your sleeves. Guys are vulnerable, too, however a most times also afraid to present that, and also so the was kind of the point, that girls space stronger the way, and also just much more willing to show that lock hurt. Ns think that was really the point.

Dierks Bentley: Shane sent out the tune in a text post saying, "Hey, i really feel prefer this is you, and I don’t recognize where you are in her album, however I wrote this song, and there’s something really special around it" … There’s some authors in the town that get to know you … they’re hear to your music, thinking about maybe what you could go because that next, will you take some deviations. I’m really grateful for friends choose that in the songwriting community.

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McAnally: once we wrote this song, my believed was, “This would certainly be a yes, really cool statement for Dierks, however I don’t recognize where his head is right now” … We sent out it end to Dierks, and also when Dierks texted me, it was a really heartfelt text, and it had actually a many passion in it, since he said, “I don’t understand where this tune will land, or how it will end up and also where it will fit top top the record, but I do recognize that i relate come it, particularly having daughters.” It was something that moved me.