"Accurate Listing of Funeral Music"by Irving Lowens, Washington Star music critic

Last Monday, millions watched the solemn procession the the caisson from the Capitol to the White House, from the White house to St. Matthew"s Cathedral, indigenous the cathedral to Arlington nationwide Cemetery and as lock watched, heartsick, they listened.

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What music go they hear?

Every momentous event breeds legends, and currently the legends around the music the accompanied the dead in march proliferate. Part are completely wrong.

This is a verified listing of what to be played and sung.

President Kennedy, ns feel certain, would have wanted the document straight. He was specialized to the truth. An historian himself, the knew from an individual experience that the romantic lie outruns the prosaic truth, and also he knew that even in small things, there isn’t much sense in providing a false-hood a head start.

At the Capitol

10:48 a.m.- The coffin is placed on the caisson in ~ Capitol Plaza together the shore Guard Academy band played "Ruffles and Flourishes" four times, "Hail come the Chief," and the hymn, "O God the Loveliness."

11 a.m. - The cortege removes Capitol Plaza and joins military units at structure avenue as the funeral procession begins. Three business bands marched in the adhering to order: the maritime Band; the marine Band; the Air force Band. Every organization had an approved repertory of three pieces which to be played throughout the 35-minute march as appeared appropriate. Maritime Band selections were: "Our collapse Heroes," "Holy, Holy, Holy," and also "The Vanished Army"; Navy tape selections to be the Beethoven "Funeral March," the R. B. Room "Funeral March," and "Onward Christian Soldiers”; Air pressure Band selections to be the Chopin “Funeral March,” the hymn, “Vigor in Arduis” (Hymn come the holy Name), and also “America the Beautiful.”

At the White House

11:35 a.m.: The cortege come at the White House. The marine Academy Catholic Choir sang 3 selections in ~ the north portico: "Above the Hills that Time the overcome Is Gleaming" (Londonderry Air) "Eternal Father, solid to Save," and "Dona Nobis Pacem."

11:40 a.m.: The cortege leaves the White home for St. Matthew’ s Cathedral. The music was listed by ripe pipers indigenous the black Watch of the imperial Highlanders Regiment, that played "The Brown Haired Maiden," "The argorial of Scotland," "The 51st Highland Division,” and "The Barren Rocks that Aden."

12:08 p.m.: The cortege arrives at the cathedral. The military Band plays “Ruffles and also Flourishes” 4 times, “Hail come the Chief," and also the chant "Pray because that the Dead."

At the Cathedral

12:13 p.m.: The bronze doors the the cathedral close and the requiem fixed commences. The choral music during the mass was sung by the St. Matthew"s Choir, Eugene Stewart, organist and also choirmaster, the tenor soloist to be Luigi Vena. The regimen was as follows: "Subvenite" (choir); "Pie Jesu," Leybach (tenor solo), "Ave Maria," Schubert (tenor solo); “In Manus Tuus,” Novello (tenor solo); “Sanctus and also Benedictus,” Perosi (choir). Mr. Stewart performed the Perosi "Sanctus and also Benedictus;" the Gregorian "Subvenite" and the "In Paradisum" were led by James Walsh.

1:15 p.m.: The copper doors that the cathedral open as the requiem fixed is concluded. Together the coffin was replaced on the caisson, the army Band played "Ruffles and also Flourishes" 4 times, "Hail to the Chief," and also the chant "Holy God, We praise Thy Name."

1:30 p.m.: The funeral procession come Arlington nationwide Cemetery begins. The music used was the same as that for the march from the Capitol to the White House, with the organization bands proceeding in the exact same order.

At the Cemetery

2:43 p.m.: The cortege arrives at Arlington nationwide Cemetery. The naval Band play "Ruffles and Flourishes" four times and then "The Star Spangled Banner." together the coffin was moved from the caisson to the interment site, the Air force Pipers played "Mist covered Mountain."

3:08 p.m.: complying with the 21-gun salute and the three artillery volleys, "Taps" was played by army bugler Sgt. Keith Clark.

3:13 p.m.: during the closeup of the door flag-folding awareness the maritime Band play the hymn, "Eternal Father, solid to Save."


The to know of the music play by the company bands was derived from Capt. Gilbert H. Mitchell of the army Band, who served as music co-ordinator for the armed forces District that Washington during the ceremonies.

The marine Band offered the title of the pieces sung by the marine Academy Catholic Choir at the north portico that the White House.

The pipe tunes supplied by the black color Watch were determined by pipeline Maj. Anderson the the royal Highlanders Regiment with Mr. Derek day of the brothers Embassy.

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Mr. Eugene Stewart, organist in ~ St. Matthew"s Cathedral, furnished the name of the musical selections offered in the requiem mass.