Pain approximately or behind the eyebrows deserve to be early to countless different causes, including headaches, infections, or problems affecting the nerves in the face.

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In this article, us look at eight feasible causes of eyebrow pain, as well as the treatment options for each.

Share ~ above PinterestMigraine, trigeminal neuralgia, and glaucoma space some possible causes that eyebrow pain.
Trigeminal neuralgia is a problem that reasons sharp, intense pain in areas of the face. The trigeminal nerve associate the brain to the face, enabling a human to feeling touch and changes in temperature.

Trigeminal neuralgia generally affects simply one side of the face, but in rare cases, it can impact both sides.

Some world with this problem may experience a stabbing pains or pain the feels like an electric shock. Rather may have a continuous aching or burn sensation in the face.

Glaucoma occurs when excess fluid builds up in the former of the eye and damages the optic nerve. The can reason severe pain around the eyebrow and eye.

Other symptoms of glaucoma include:

blind clues in the visionblurred visionnausea or vomitingseeing rainbows or halos

It is an essential to obtain treatment because that glaucoma. Without treatment, it can reason permanent vision loss.

Migraine can cause pain approximately the eyebrows, eyes, and temples. A migraine episode can last from 4 hrs up to number of days.

Symptoms that a migraine episode have the right to include:

intense head paina throbbing sensationnausea and also vomitingincreased sensitivity come light and also soundpain that increases when a human moves

Learn much more about the differences between migraine and also a headache here.

A swarm headache is a significant headache that can reoccur in between one and eight times a day and also last indigenous 15 minutes to 3 hrs each time.

People may experience a stabbing pain, frequently either behind the eyebrow or eye or around the temples. This pain and other symptom usually influence one side of the head.

Symptoms the a cluster headache include:

red, teary eyesa runny or stuffy nosea flushed or sweat facea drooping eyelidone smaller sized pupilrestlessnessbeing unable to lie still

According to the American Migraine Foundation, anxiety headaches space the many common type of headache, and they have the right to last native anywhere in between 30 minutes and also 7 days.

Pain may spread to the eye, eyebrow, and also temple. Symptoms of a anxiety headache include:

mild-to-moderate pain on both sides of the headincreased sensitivity come either irradiate or soundtenderness in the neck muscles

Shingles is a problem that affects the nerves. It occurs in localized areas, commonly on one side of the body. These locations can encompass the face and also neck.

The symptoms of shingles include:

a an extremely painful rashfluid to fill blistersshooting paintingling or numb sensationsburningitchinessnauseaheadachesloss of vision

People have to see their doctor instantly if they have actually blisters on your face, specifically if they are close come the eyes.

Sinusitis is the inflammation the the nasal cavities. The can produce a most pressure in the face, and people may feel pain approximately the eyebrows, nose, forehead, and cheeks.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

a clogged or stuffy nosea coughthick, yellow, or green mucus indigenous the nosemucus that drips down the back of the throat

Sinusitis deserve to be either acute or chronic. The symptom of acute sinusitis usually go away within a main or 10 days. If the symptoms display no advancement with medical treatment and last longer than 12 weeks, a human being may have chronic sinusitis.

Giant cell arteritis, or temporal arteritis, is a problem affecting the blood vessels follow me the side of the head.

Inflammation of this blood vessels can reason pain in the face and other symptoms roughly the head and also neck, together as:

pain in the jawa fevertenderness top top the scalptenderness about the templessevere headachesdizziness

According to the Arthritis Foundation, human being over the age of 50 years, specifically Caucasian women, are an ext likely to construct giant cell arteritis.

Treatment for eyebrow pain depends on the basic cause:

Headaches and migraine episodes: acquisition pain relievers, continuing to be hydrated, and getting many of rest and sleep can help.Severe or frequent migraine episodes: A doctor can prescribe drugs for pain and also other symptoms.Cluster headaches: A doctor may recommend drugs or an oxygen mask to stop a cluster attack.Sinusitis: human being can take decongestants and nasal sprays to treat sinusitis. Pains relievers, plenty of rest, and proper hydration deserve to also help reduce symptoms.Trigeminal neuralgia: A doctor may prescribe medications or introduce surgery, i beg your pardon usually involves damaging the trigeminal nerve to protect against the infection of pain signals.Giant cabinet arteritis: Corticosteroids can effectively treat the symptoms of large cell arteritis. A longer course might be vital to store inflammation levels low.
Share ~ above PinterestA person with eyebrow pain have to talk to their doctor if they suffer sudden, severe headaches, drowsiness, or nausea.

A human should watch their doctor if your eyebrow pain is severe, does no go away, or occurs alongside other symptoms.

People v eyebrow pain need to seek medical care straight far if they likewise have the following symptoms:

severe pain or ede in the faceswelling or redness around the eyesconfusion or emotion disorientateda sudden serious headachedrowsinessa fevera rashnausea and vomiting

People must speak to a doctor if they have symptoms of any type of of the adhering to conditions:

shinglesgiant cell arteritissevere or regular migraine episodestrigeminal neuralgiaglaucoma

If symptom of sinusitis carry on longer than 10 job or do not enhance with treatment, a doctor can help.

People may experience pain behind or roughly the eyebrows for numerous reasons. Clogged sinuses or headaches have the right to lead to increased pressure and also pain around the eyebrows, which must pass when the reason resolves.

In other instances, eyebrow pain is due to an underlying condition, such together glaucoma.

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If human being have frequent or severe pain around the eyebrows or notification other symptoms, they need to see a doctor.