Neptune is without doubt one the the many beautiful planets in the solar system. The is the only planet in the solar mechanism that was predicted mathematically prior to it was straight observed. Much of what us know about this shining blue planet comes from the data gathered through NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft throughout its Neptune flyby in 1989.

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Neptune flyby that Voyager 2 in 1989 (Credit: NASA)

Both Uranus and also Neptune belong come the category of ice giants. Ice giants are various than gas giants (Jupiter and also Saturn). Together opposed to gas giants (that contain an ext than 90% that hydrogen and helium), ice cream giants consist of only 20% the hydrogen and also helium in mass. Ice cream giants are largely composed of heavier elements like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur.

Neptune and its ring device (Image: NASA/GSFC)

The upper setting of Neptune is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, v trace concentrations of methane. Together you walk deeper right into the planet, the concentration the compounds choose ammonia, methane, carbon (diamond) and other hydrocarbons increases. You can know much more about the internal of Neptune by the town hall the video clip below:

At high altitudes, the ingredient of Uranus and also Neptune is really similar. The blue shade of both the ice giants can be contributed to the existence of methane in their upper atmospheres. Methane absorbs most of the red light occurrence on the planets which makes them show up blue in color. But there is a difference in the color of this planets: Uranus has actually a cyan blue color (blue-green) conversely, Neptune has a lively azure blue color (bright blue).

Hence, there have to be another unknown link in Neptune’s environment that is yet to be identified.The reason for the deep blue hue of Neptune is quiet a mystery: the really reason why we need to put one orbiter around Neptune soon.

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Several missions are being planned to check out Neptune. A mission choose Cassini (that invested 13 year orbiting Saturn) would certainly not only help us check out the secrets of Neptune however also assist us to learn around the formation and properties of ice giants. Follow to a study, distant exoplanets approximately other stars aremore likelyto be ice cream giants like Neptune.

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Artist concept of Neptune Orbiter (NASA)

Neptune Orbiter is a propose mission by NASA that would check out Neptune and its moons as with Cassini. Although over there is no official day for the launch, it would certainly take around 8 come 10 year to with Neptune after the is launched.

Do you think it is vital for us to launch an orbiter come Neptune soon? permit us understand your think in the comments.Cover photo Credit: ESA/NASA