Dogs do all kinds of things that we may find really off putting in the human world.

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But this go not mean that your dog is no adhering to finest hygiene practices.

Usually licking is simply the means your dog keeps chin clean.

However, there can be other reasons that lead a dog to lick itself as well much, that might not it is in so harmless.

It is always a great idea to be vigilant of her dog’s behavior regardless of what the is.

If their licking becomes persistent and frequent, get them checked out by your regional vet that can help diagnose her dog.

Common reasons Dog Lick their Butts


As we mentioned, the most typical reason because that a dog’s extreme licking is to stay clean.

If a dog is having an obstacle keeping clean in that anal area because of fecal issue stuck in the fur this will reason them to lick, in the hope that they can dislodge anything that had obtained stuck in the area.

You should absolutely investigate the reason the dog has had trouble maintaining itself clean simply to be on the safe side.

Your dog could be describe an irritation.

This deserve to be led to by anything from parasites, allergies or infection.

Anal Glands

A usual reason dog’s lick their butts is often as result of anal glands the have come to be overfull or impacted, resulting in anal gland issues.

In enhancement to licking, her dog might additionally scoot his bum across the floor.

Dogs will do this to get some relief native the wake up by scratching against the carpet.

(The anal sac is type of prefer your dog’s calling card , letting other dogs know your dog to be there, or deserve to be expressed as a warning as soon as a dog is scared.

Dogs will normally express their very own anal glands every time they walk to the bathroom, but sometimes the product can come to be thick, and your dog is can not to do it us anymore.

This is quickly fixed by taking the dog to the vet to have actually the anal glands expressed.

Some human being will execute this themselves once the glands can come to be full.

Just be warned that the smell is past horrendous!

It’s crucial to have actually your dog’s anal glands confirm by a vet if they are licking or scooting to ensure their anal glands carry out not become affected causing an abscess or infection.

This can cause an abscess or infection.


Other reasons for licking that can be an ext serious cases may be because of intestinal parasites that can lead to wellness problems.

Internal helminth can include tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms or whipworms.

Internal helminth live in her dog’s intestines and also when they come out, castle can reason an itching around their anus.

A tell tale authorize of this have the right to be the remnants of the parasite either around their anus or in their feces, but some room too little to it is in seen.

External helminth (such as mites, fleas and ticks) can additionally cause wake up who have actually made a house for us in the region.

Best to make a trip to your neighborhood veterinarian to rule out any kind of issues prior to your dog’s licking contributes to a skin infection.

How to stop Them Licking


There space a few over the counter options easily accessible to avoid your dog native licking their butt.

However, it’s really important to gain your dog checked by a veterinarian first before administering any type of treatment.

Your vet might have the ability to prescribe some topical treatments or medications that will deal with their health and wellness issues.

If friend have identified that there is nothing major going on v your dog’s behind try a cone.

Also recognized as an Elizabethan dog collar, this cone will save your dog from being able to reach she butt.

Try transforming the shampoo you space using, and also check for irritations ~ above a constant basis.

When to Consult her Vet


It’s always important to monitor any type of changes in your dog.

As pointed out at the beginning, that not uncommon for dogs to lick their butts occasionally.

However, if the licking i do not care persistent and aggressive, it’s most likely a good indicator come take her dog to get checked by a vet.

It is an especially important come take her dog come the vet if they room experiencing various other symptoms, together as:

Not eating, or reduced appetiteVomitingDiarrheaRed or inflamed skin roughly the anusEvidence of worms in the stool.

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If you notice that your dog has started licking excessively, and also there is any type of evidence the the above symptoms, view your vet immediately.