The Crown Tundra is acquisition players come a brand brand-new location, i m sorry is about to it is in an exceptional adventure.

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Now, players are having actually a possibility to examine out the brand-new region and also all the new Pokemon easily accessible for catching.

One of this Pokemon is the beginning phase that the powerful Metagross advancement line.

Here"s how to record Beldum!



This Pokemon does no take any special circumstances in order come catch.

Players will just need to make certain they have actually purchased and downloaded the update for the Crown Tundra.

Once you have done so, head over to Snowslide Slope. 

This is just one of the main areas in the Crown Tundra and has a most Pokemon, consisting of Galarian Articuno. 

Meaning you will spot it before encountering a wild Pokemon in ~ the grass! 

It will also spawn at roughly LVL 65, so girlfriend will have actually no trouble evolving it into the powerful Metagross afterwards.

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This is one of the the strongest Pokemon native generation three, and also it is in reality the key Pokemon of upstream 4 member Steven stone for those who perform not know.

This will make a great addition come you and also your team and also we cannot wait to view the lineups girlfriend make with Metagross. 



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