If you’ve ever heard the phrase poop deck, you’ve probably wondered whereby it came from and what the means.

Although the expression sounds quite amusing in English, the poop deck of a ship has actually nothing to do with poop. That was never used for any purpose relating to going to the bathroom however was a really important part of ship design.

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What is a Poop Deck top top a Ship?

A poop deck is a short, high deck the a ship, situated in the aft (back) the a ship. It to be traditionally provided to provide a high suggest for observations and also navigation. Most modern ships don’t have a poop deck, together it is no longer needed.

Below is a basic diagram of the poop deck of a ship.


Where walk the name Poop Deck Come From?

The name Poop Deck originated from the French native La Poupe, which means “the stern.”This refers to the Poop Deck’s place at the aft that the ship.

Many civilization wrongly assume the a poop deck is together the surname suggests, is designed as some kind of a relief area. This couldn’t be more from the truth.

Did seafarers Poop turn off The Poop Deck?

Sailors didn’t poop off the poop deck. The deck’s purpose was for navigational and also observation purposes and also there were other places for the sailors to use as toilets.

The poop deck would commonly be lived in by officers/crew members in charge of the ship, this is the last ar that the bulk of crew would desire to walk to the toilet!

Poop Deck name Theories

It is typically accepted that the surname originated from the French indigenous La Poupe, an interpretation stern however there are frequently other reasons given as to why this deck is described as the poop deck.

One theory relates come the waves and also the idea of the delivery being ‘pooped’. Even if it is this is true in reality or just a simultaneous is unclear.

When a wave originates from behind and also hits the delivery in together a way that water comes over the stern, the delivery is claimed to have actually been pooped. However a poop deck raises the height of the stern, make it less likely the you’ll delivery water native the complying with wave. The poop deck makes it harder to acquire pooped.

– source.

Below is a deck plan of a ship reflecting the poop deck clearly marked ~ above the aft. This delivery is the C.A. Thayer, built in California in 1895. The poop deck area is reasonably small, contrasted to the remainder of the ship.

Schooner C.A. THAYER – Image: Anderson, Richard K. Jr., creator

What is The Poop Cabin on a Ship?

The cabin located under the poop deck was occasionally referred to together the poop cabin. That is located at the aft the the ship.

What is supposed by “Swabbing the Poop Deck?”

The expression “swabbing the poop deck” relates to keeping the lumber of the poop deck damp. This would aid to slow decomposition and also minimize the risk of fire caused by the guns, cannons, and gunpowder supplied onboard.

Swabbing the Poop Deck also gave the crew something to do to avoid boredom throughout long sailings.

Did Titanic have actually a Poop Deck?

The Titanic had a poop deck which was situated on deck B and also was offered by 3rd class passenger as external recreational space. The Titanic’s poop deck to be 128 feet long and because the its location, it was one of the last decks above the water together the Titanic went down.

On Titanic’s poop deck, there was a staircase under to the Steering gear Room and also a docking bridge.

Below is a picture of Titanic’s poop deck.

– source

Photo: cutting board Barker indigenous Cork Examiner

The Titanic was the last huge ocean liner to be built with a Poop Deck. The Britannic i m sorry was already being developed at the time of the Titanic was developed without a poop deck.

What Is The Difference in between The Poop Deck and The Quarterdeck?

The Poop Deck is a smaller area than the Quarterdeck as it refers just to a specific little piece of deck located at the aft the a ship. The Quarterdeck refers to the top deck the the ship situated behind the mast of a ship, of i m sorry the Poop Deck is usually a part.

Do modern Cruise Ships have Poop Decks?

Modern ships room no longer developed with poop decks in the timeless sense.

The poop deck supplied to be supplied as a way for superiors to watch over the ship’s crew and also navigation, on contemporary cruise pearl all navigation is excellent from the ship’s bridge.

As ships have actually increased in size the idea of having actually a elevated deck to synopsis the ship ended up being less practical and also was no much longer needed in the very same way.

The leg of a modern-day ship is situated at the former of the ship, fairly than the rear.Below is a photograph taken indigenous the bridge of the royal Princess looking back at the remainder of the ship.

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View from The bridge of The imperial Princess

One modern Cruise Line has actually a ‘Poop Deck’ because that Dogs!

Modern cruise ships don’t have poop decks in the timeless sense but you quiet may have actually heard this phrase used to describe an area of modern cruise ships.

Most cruise ships carry out not permit dogs or cats aboard the ship but there is one cruise line the does, Cunard Cruise Line. Cunard space a british cruise line and also you have the right to learn more about lock in our encourage cruise lines write-up here: