One the the chemical symbols for three different atoms or atom cations v 19 electrons is the element with normally 19 electron is Potassium with a price (K). Various other symbols may include those with additional electron fees (-) i beg your pardon are close to the element potassium in the routine table. The 3 chemical symbols room K,



Atomic number is characterized as the number of electrons or protons the are current in a neutral atom. That is represented by Z.

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When a neutral atom looses electrons, it leads to the formation of optimistic ions known as cations and also when a neutral atom benefit electrons, it leads to the development of negative ions well-known as anions.

So, the atom having atomic number 19 is potassium. Its chemical symbol is "K"

Titanium is the 22nd facet of the routine table. So, as soon as this atom looses 3 electron it will have actually 19 electrons in that orbit. Thus, the cation developed will it is in


Vanadium is the 23rd facet of the routine table. So, once this atom looses 4 electron it will have actually 19 electrons in the orbit. Thus, the cation created will be


Hence, the three chemical symbols room K,


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Which the the complying with ions would represent the ion that an aspect from group 2A
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Would you mind listing the options? 
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How countless grams of ice cream at -13 deg C need to be added to 711 grams of water the is initially at a temperature the 87 deg C come produce
Basile <38>

The come your inquiry is m = 4.7 kg



Ice Water

mass = ? fixed = 711 g

T₁ = -13°C T₁ = 87°C

T₂ = 10°C T₂ = 10°C

Ch = 2090 J/kg°K Cw = 4180 J/kg°K


1.- transform temperature come kelvin

T₁ = 273 + (-13) = 260°K

T₁ water = 87 + 273 = 360 °K

T₂ = 10 + 273 = 283°K

2.- write the equation that interchange of heat

- warm lost = warmth absorbed

- mwCw(T₂ - T₁) = miCi(T₂ - T₁)


- 0.711(4180)(10 - 87) = m(2090)(10 - (-13))

- Simplification

228842.46 = 48070m

m = 228842.46/48070


m = 4.7 kg

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Two varieties of organic reaction are(1) enhancement and sublimation
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Esterification and also polymerization


Organic reactions space chemical reactions linked with essential compounds (compounds the carbon).

a) enhancement : this is a reaction shown by organic compounds having dual or triple bond. On this multiple binding some other molecules get include on.

so addition is a type of necessary reaction.

b) sublimation: the is a physical process where a solid gets straight converted come a gas. For this reason it is no an essential reaction.

c) deposition : the is a physical procedure where something gets deposited over an additional substance. There is no chemical reaction in this process.

d) saponification: the is an essential reaction, wherein a fat or oil is heated through NaOH to provide soap and alcohol.

e) decomposition: it a chemical process where a big molecule gets decomposed into smaller molecules.

f) esterification: the is reaction of an acid through alcohol to another organic molecule ester. This is essential reaction.

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g) polymerisation: the is formation of large macro molecules, through repetitive mix of tiny molecules. This is an organic reaction.

B the diameter that the balloonthe dependant variable is the thing that changes as a an outcome of what has been excellent to it. In this circumstances the diameter the the balloon will readjust once the experiment has actually been done.the temperature that the balloon would be the independant variable as such the is not A. (the balloon alters shape as the air increases when heated, or deflates when the temperature decreases)the lot of waiting is the control variable as it wouldn"t be a fair test if the diameters weren"t the exact same to start with, so that isnt option B.i have actually no reservation why alternative D is there, but it wouldnt make feeling that the lot of balloons would certainly change.therefore the is option B