Mark Bugnaski / Gazette FileSam Collins, 93, that Kalamazoo, gets aid with submit his earnings taxes in this Feb. 5, 2001 paper photo, taken at the Ecumenical senior Center in Kalamazoo. The IRS is searching for 2,297 Michiganians who have actually an income tax refund examine coming.

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— among the 141.5 million Michiganians who have filed federal earnings tax returns because that 2009, were countless who meant a refund and asked for that refund in the kind of a file check.

“We have more than $3 million because that 2,297 civilization in Michigan,” stated Luis Garcia, IRS spokesman. “We have $3 million and this is your money. We don’t desire to host onto it. We want to obtain it back in their hands.”

Nationally, there room 111,893 taxpayers who have unclaimed refund checks. Their refunds include up to much more than $164.6 million.

Garcia claimed that return most world who mean a taxation return recognize they have it coming, “This is generally somebody who has moved."

"They filed your taxes. Lock moved. Lock forgot come let united state know and we sent a examine to your old address," Garcia said. "The short article office won’t supply a government check to one old address. For this reason they sent out it back to us.”

Garcia stated the IRS proceeds to push for electronic filing and also to have returns deposited directly into filers' financial institution accounts. However he said the organization realizes there are people — native transient college students to adult who room going through a readjust of life — who have failed to keep track of together things.

A great thing: The amount on any type of unclaimed inspect will be bundled right into the filer’s 2010 tax return, if the or she has actually one coming. Or it will certainly be applied to what they owe for 2010, if it is the case.

• If a refund check is went back to the IRS together undelivered, taxpayers have the right to update their addresses making use of the IRS "Where’s mine Refund?" device at:

• The tool also allows taxpayers to inspect the condition of their refunds. But a taxpayer must administer his or she Social protection number, submit status and amount that refund displayed on your 2009 return.

• The IRS go not call taxpayers by e-mail to alert castle of pending refunds and such message are common identity theft scams. The agency urges taxpayers no to relax any personal information in together cases, or reply, open any attachments or click on any type of links. Act so might expose you come malicious password that will infect your computers.

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