How much power is contained in 1 mol the each?a. X-ray photons v a wavelength that 0.135 nmb. G-ray photons through a wavelength of 2.15 * 10-5 nm

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his trouble asks united state to uncover the energy included per one mole the photons with the adhering to wavelength. So because that letter, eh? We have zero allude one five zero nano meters and also we can transform that 2 meters by. There's one meter because that every ten come the 9th Nano meters, so us can transform that into one suggest five times ten to the minus tenth meters. Currently we can discover the power of a solitary photons by amounts to H c. End lambda the wavelength h is planks consistent six point six two, 6 times ten come the minus thirty 4th C is the rate of light. Therefore that's two suggest nine ripe times ten come the eighth. And also we division that by our wavelength. We just uncovered of one allude five time ten to the minus tenth. And also that offers us our power perf otan to it is in one suggest three to 6 times ten come the minus fifteenth. For this reason that's Jules, she photons. However we don't want jewels perform time. We want jewels. Prum. All. Therefore to get Jules prom every we just multiply by avocados numbers six allude two, two times ten come the twenty third. And also that will offer us our last answer of seven point nine eight time ten come the eighth and that's Jules per mall, i m sorry is what us want. Now we perform the very same thing because that a letter B. We begin with Ah, two allude one five times ten come the minus fifth Nano meters and also we transform that the same way. Therefore one meter over ten come the ninth and Anna meters, not Nana meter cancel and we gain our wavelength in meter two suggest one five times ten to the minus fourteenth meters and also we usage that very same formula equals H C over Lambda the wavelength to recognize the energy of a solitary photons. For this reason six suggest six two six times ten to the minus thirty fourth times the speed of light two suggest nine, ripe times ten come the eighth and we divide that by our wavelength to point one five times ten come the minus fourteenth.

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And also that gives us our energy per photons to be nine suggest two, two times ten come the minus twelfth Jules Perf Otan. For this reason again us multiply that by Abu God climbed number six allude two, 2 times ten to the twenty 3rd and we gain our last answer to be five point five five times ten to the twelfth Jules Permal, and that is our final answer.