Do you want to replace the drive belt on her Mtd yard an equipment riding mower? You have to do it typically as instead of the journey belt of the mower is a component of the constant maintenance. 

There are different models of MTD mower discovered in the market. Keep in mind that, when you to buy the journey belt, match the number of the belt v the old belt of her lawnmower. If the number no match, you have to face difficulties to replace the mower drive belt.

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Now, execute you have any kind of idea how to change the drive belt ~ above Mtd yard an equipment riding mower? If girlfriend have also no idea, nothing to be worried about. 

In this article, us will provide you every the possible solutions in this regard.

So, without delay, let’s start. 

In this content you’ll learn:

The process to replace drive belt ~ above Mtd yard Machine

The process to change drive belt on Mtd garden Machine

Before start replacing the drive belt, you require to focus on the tools that you will certainly be forced to perform the task. Let’s have a look at what you need.


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After collecting every the forced tools, currently follow the procedures outlined listed below to complete the task.

Steps to follow: 


Step #1: Preparation For an altering Drive Belt

At first, take it the lawnmower right into a level surface or her garage for the convenience that the work.

Step #2: Cool The Mower Engine

Enable the parking setting of the mower and bring out the key from the keyhole. Cool the mower engine before starting the replacement. 

Step #3: Lower The Mower Deck

Press the lift bar attached to the mower deck and lower the deck in ~ its shortest position. 

Step #4: eliminate The tongue Guard

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the belt guard. Girlfriend will discover the guard near the grass discharge chute. 

Step #5: Remove The Belt goalkeeper Rod

Locate the engine pulley and also remove the screws that hold the belt goalkeeper rod attached come the engine pulley. Store the rod right into a safe ar for reinstallment. 

Step #6: Loosen The Idler sheave Nuts

Use a ratchet to loosen the little nuts attached to the idler pulley-block center. Psychic it, don’t eliminate the screws fully. Repeat the same process for another pulley. 

You will uncover the idler pulleys near the middle of the deck and also the idler pulleys are smaller sized in size than the consistent pulleys provided in the mower. 

If you have a 42-inch mower deck, this action is just for you. If friend have various sizes that the deck then skip the sixth step. 

Step #7: Remove The drive Belt

Notice how the belt is fastened approximately the pulley. Now remove the belt indigenous the pulley-block by rolling the off. Carefully remove the belt native the pulley. 

Step #8: Install brand-new Drive Belt

Now, download the brand-new drive belt by following the same procedure as you eliminate the old journey belt. Make sure the V part of the drive belt is attached come the pulley and stay in ~ the parallel place with the grooves that the pulley. 

Step #9: Tighten The Idler pulley-block Nuts

Use the ratchet to tighten the little nuts attached to the idler pulley-block center. Replace the belt keeper rod in its ahead position. Attach it with the engine pulley. Change the drive belt guard and use the driver to attach the screws. 

Step #10: Test The drive Belt

Now, turn the power of the mower on. Check the drive belt by engaging the mower blades. If the belt is mounted correctly, the chisels will move efficiently. If girlfriend face any difficulty, prevent the lawnmower and also check the belt again.

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Always usage the manufacturers’ recommended drive belts. Match the belt number before buying the belt. Don’t use other drive belts that space not suitable for her device. Using different drive belts have the right to be dangerous for you. Wear suitable safety clothing before replacing the drive belt.

Final verdict

Changing a drive belt of the Mtd yard device riding mower is a little bit different from any type of kind of repair. The procedure we mentioned-above is largely for 700 collection Mtd speak lawnmower. 

The replacement process will vary according come the version of the mower. Yet you can follow the above-mentioned process to replace the speak lawnmower journey belt. 

And if you feel uncomfortable v the process, just call an expert technician to complete the replacement. 

Hopefully, this write-up was beneficial to you come understand how to change the drive belt ~ above Mtd yard device riding mowers.