Sharing the Road

Safely share the roadway with various other drivers and also pedestrians is essential for avoiding accidents.

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The golden rule of steering is come treat other drivers the way you desire to it is in treated. You have to obey website traffic laws, drive responsibly, and also avoid acquisition unnecessary risks.

Cooperative Driving

We are all in this together!

Courtesy renders order the end of chaos. The web traffic laws and also rules of the roadway cannot resolve all feasible driving situations. If you remember to be courteous, friend can assist avoid mishaps and save traffic relocating in an orderly fashion.

Sharing with Pedestrians

A pedestrian is a human on foot or making use of a conveyance thrust by human being power (skates, skateboard) various other than a bicycle; and additionally includes disabled persons who might be making use of powered devices.

Disabled persons utilizing self-propelled wheelchairs, tricycles, or quadricycles room not able come move around as easily as pedestrians. These persons have to be given the same legal rights as any type of other pedestrian. Pedestrian and bicycle crashes are the leading reason of death for periods 8 with 14. Pedestrian security is a significant issue. One in 6 traffic fatalities is a pedestrian.

Pedestrians lose in any accident, nevertheless of who had actually the right-of-way. Journey cautiously as soon as pedestrians space near and also may cross her path.

Children under the period of 15 account for about 29% the pedestrian victim and around 28% of bicycle victims.

Most of the time you are a pedestrian, not a driver. There space both rights and also responsibilities girlfriend should understand to insure your safety when you space not driving your vehicle.

Pedestrian Responsibilities

When wade on the side of the roadway, you must use the sidewalk. If over there is no sidewalk, you may walk ~ above the roadway, yet must challenge oncoming traffic and as much to your left as possible.

You are not allowed on any type of toll leg or highway crossing, or in any tunnel unless there is a sidewalk more than three feet wide, with indications telling you that pedestrians are allowed to use it.

Wear bright or reflective clothing, day and also night, once walking follow me a roadway the does not have a sidewalk.

Don’t walk or jog on any kind of freeway where indicators tell you that pedestrians are not allowed. A significant cause of crashes is pedestrians wade on highways while intoxicated, attract headphones, or otherwise not paying fist to traffic. It is dangerous to wear headphones while go on roadways since you can not hear draw close vehicles. The is dangerous to walk on railroad tracks. Joggers, runners, rollerbladers, and skateboarders must additionally obey every pedestrian rules.

Rollerbladers and skateboarders may be banned from making use of sidewalks by regional authority, however must otherwise obey every pedestrian rules. The is illegal to stand in a roadway because that the function of soliciting a ride from the driver of any kind of vehicle (hitchhiking).

Pedestrians space not enabled to walk, jog, or operation in bicycle lanes when there are sidewalks.

You deserve to make yourself much more visible in ~ night by attract white or light-colored clothing and retro-reflective materials and by attract or delivering some sort of irradiate such together a flashlight. Wearing only white garments does not always guarantee her safety.

Pedestrians might only cross roads at intersections using crosswalks. Pedestrians must not protect against or hold-up traffic unnecessarily once crossing a street.

Some special indicators are supplied only for pedestrians. The crosswalk is that part of the pavement wherein the sidewalk lines would certainly extend throughout the street and also are areas set aside for world to overcome the street.


Every street wherein streets and sidewalks accomplish “at around right angles” has actually a crosswalk for pedestrians to overcome the street also though there might be no painted lines. A crosswalk may be significant by white lines in ~ an intersection yet if not marked, one exists and also is the expansion of sidewalks throughout the highways unless pedestrian cross is prohibited by signs.

Although most crosswalks are marked with white lines, Yellow lines might be painted for school crossings. Although most crosswalks space at corners, lock are sometimes in the middle of the block. Part crosswalks, especially in residential areas, are not marked.

Although pedestrians have actually the right-of-way in crosswalks, they must only cross when it is for sure to perform so. You must always obey traffic signals as a pedestrian. Numerous intersections have actually signals which present the native “ to walk “ and “ nothing WALK “ or show a person walking in white and a elevated hand in orange. Even if it is it has these signal or the usual web traffic lights, you need to obey the pedestrian rules.

The “WALK” or wade person appears when the is legit to begin crossing. When the “DON’T WALK” or elevated hand appears, you might not start throughout the street.

In bespeak to operate pedestrian signals, you may need to press a button one time to obtain the “WALK” or walking person signal. When a signal very first changes to “WALK” or the walking human being for you, look at left, right, and then left again prior to crossing the street. Productivity the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection prior to the signal changed.

Flashing “DON’T WALK” or raised hand signals typical you need to not begin to cross due to the fact that you might not have sufficient time to do it to the other side of the street prior to vehicles start moving across your path. If the flashing “DON’T WALK” or raised hand signals appear after girlfriend have currently started to overcome the roadway, friend may finish crossing the street.

Remember that you should obey all website traffic signs and signals once crossing the street. Examine for vehicles that show up to be unlikely to stop and never forcibly case the right-of-way indigenous a vehicle. In ~ signal-controlled intersections where there space no pedestrian signals, pedestrians must obey the red, yellow, or environment-friendly signal lights.

When crossing at one intersection controlled by avoid signs, you must make sure that chauffeurs see you before you attempt to overcome the roadway. Don’t assume the other motorists will protect against just due to the fact that one vehicle has stopped for you. Take it turns with approaching vehicles, only crossing the street as soon as all other vehicles have stopped for you.

You should not suddenly leave a curb or other safe place and also walk or run right into the route of a vehicle which is close sufficient to it is in a risk to you. This is true even if you space in a crosswalk.

At an intersection where traffic is not regulated by signals or signs, vehicle drivers are forced to productivity the right-of-way to you within any crosswalk, significant or unmarked. However, friend must give the driver a possibility to productivity to you and not just step off the curb when oncoming vehicles are nearby.

Making eye call with a driver does not median that the driver will view you or yield the right-of-way. The law says that any driver need to take care for the safety and security of any pedestrian-- but if the driver can’t stop in time, the regulation won’t aid you.

Crossing a roadway between intersections as soon as a crosswalk is not current is dubbed “jaywalking.” If friend “jaywalk” across a street between intersections, whereby no pedestrian crosswalks room provided, you need to yield the right-of- way to all vehicles. Jaywalking is both dangerous and also illegal. The is additionally a far-reaching cause of mishaps .

It is illegal come ski, snowboard, or sledge’s on or across any roadway in together a manner as to interfere through the motion of vehicles thereon. Cities, towns, and counties are enabled to take on local ordinances regulation pedestrians, skateboards, skates, and rollerblading on highways, sidewalks, and roadways.


Driver responsibilities to Pedestrians

The driver of a automobile has the responsibility to exercise care and also caution for the safety of a pedestrian on any kind of roadway. The is a great driving exercise to always yield the right-of-way come a pedestrian crossing the roadway, nevertheless of that legally has the right-of-way.

You must stop because that the safety and security of anyone cross the street top top foot. Just because you do eye contact with a pedestrian doesn’t typical that that or she will certainly yield the right-of-way come you.

You need to drive slower when you watch bicyclists speak or pedestrians walking close to the edge of the road. Provide them plenty of room once passing.

Pedestrians have actually the right-of-way in crosswalks. They also have the right-of-way to overcome at corners, regardless of whether crosswalks space painted by white or yellow lines.

If you stop in the crosswalk, you placed pedestrians in danger. Those pedestrians will regularly have to gain into the traffic lanes to prevent being hit by you due to the fact that you have violated their right-of-way.

Always stop for a pedestrian in ~ corners and intersections, and at crosswalks which room at areas other 보다 a corner. You should not happen a auto from behind that has stopped at a crosswalk. A pedestrian hidden from your view may be crossing.

Always look come the side at intersections, crosswalks, and also railroad crossings. That is illegal come park in a crosswalk (marked or unmarked) or on a sidewalk. Look because that school security patrols or school crossing guards when you see a crosswalk close to a school.

You must obey their instructions and also can be cited for no doing so. Friend must enable crossing safety to get safely come the next of the road prior to driving ahead.

You need to stop behind the limit line at a avoid sign or stop signal and must no intrude into the crosswalk.

At yield signs, girlfriend must likewise give the right-of-way come pedestrians and bicyclists using the traffic lane.

At a eco-friendly light, girlfriend must very first let all vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians staying in the intersection obtain through prior to entering the intersection.

Make a left turn just if you have actually enough room to complete the rotate before any kind of oncoming vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian becomes a hazard. Before turning a corner, watch for people who are around to cross the street.

Remember, if you have a eco-friendly light, the irradiate is also green for them.

Never drive on a sidewalk unless you space crossing a sidewalk to go into or exit a driveway or alley.

When cross a sidewalk, protect against for any type of pedestrian: pedestrians always have the right-of-way on sidewalks.

Do no park top top a sidewalk, also if your vehicle is partly in a driveway.

Watch because that pedestrians and drive slower near:

CrosswalksSchoolsBusesschool zonesparked carsshopping centersbusiness districtsplaygroundsresidential streetsshopping centersparking lotsdowntown areas

Be especially cautious when you conference pedestrians through umbrellas in former of their encounters or hats pulled down over your eyes.

Look for indicators indicating the pedestrians are likely to be close to or cross the roadway such as college zone and pedestrian cross signs.

Always drive much more carefully close to schools, playgrounds, and parks because children might suddenly dart into the street. Near a school, the rate limit is 25 MPH when kids are exterior or crossing the street.

No issue what the speed limit authorize states, you need to never drive much faster than 25 MPH once the college ground has actually no fence and also children room outside.

Sometimes reduced speed limit indications are put near schools, therefore look because that them. Watch because that bicycles and pedestrians close to parks and schools.

School Buses

School buses have to activate red lamp at every stops to fill or discharge students, may activate flashing amber lights as soon as approaching loading stops, and also may activate one automatic prevent sign. Look for stopped institution buses and also be all set for youngsters crossing the street.

Flashing yellow lamp on a stopped school bus warning you come prepare to stop because children are going to be leaving the bus. Flashing red lights on a institution bus suggest that youngsters will it is in entering or exiting the bus.

School kids may be cross the road to or native the college bus. The flashing red lamp are located at the optimal front and also top back of the school bus.

If you watch flashing red lights on a stopped school bus on her side the the road, you need to stop till the lights avoid flashing. If you view flashing red lamp on a stopped college bus on the other side that the road, you must stop till the lights prevent flashing, unless the roadway is separated by a typical or wall, or if there room two or more lanes of website traffic traveling in each direction.

You have to obey hand signals and instructions from institution bus operators. If girlfriend fail to stop for a institution bus through flashing red lights, you might be fined as much as $1,000 and your license deserve to be suspended because that a period of 1 year.

Be mindful when encountering a institution bus, even when that is red lights space not flashing. It is in courteous to the school bus driver. Give school busses the right-of-way.

Avoid causing a institution bus to make abrupt maneuvers, such as by cut it off. You should rise the cushion of an are in front of your auto to at least 4 seconds as soon as you view a bus or college bus ahead.

Do no drive faster than 25 miles per hour near school bus stops if there are children present.

Watch for kids who may dart out prior to the school bus arrives or after college bus has departed.

Be conscious that college buses and other huge vehicles that bring passengers need to stop at railroad crossings, whether or no a train is approaching.

If you are complying with a college bus, slow-moving down early to permit plenty the room because that the bus come stop once approaching rail crossings.


Sharing through Bicycles

A bike is a device upon which any type of person might ride, moved by human being power v a belt, chain, or gears, and having one or much more wheels.

As you may recall, the an interpretation of a pedestrian did not incorporate bicycles. This is because bicycles are legally considered to be vehicles in California. Therefore, bicyclists are required to obey many of the exact same laws and have many of the same civil liberties as do vehicle drivers.

The motor automobile code addresses issues connected with the registration, necessary equipment, and operation that bicycles top top the roadway.

Over 100 bicyclists space killed annually in California. Every six hours a bicyclist is fatally hurt in the US.

49% of every bicyclist deaths happen to youths age 16 or younger. 86% of all bicycle accidents involve an automobile or truck. Drivers failing to yield the right-of-way to a bicycle cause 42% of bicycle-related accidents. 39% that bicycle accidents occur due to the fact that cars make transforms without noticing bicyclists. 87% that bicyclists in California who die in an accident were no wearing a security helmet.

Bicycles need to follow plenty of of the same rules together motor vehicles including:

stopping for avoid signs and also red lightsriding through the flow of trafficuse of left-hand revolve lanes and also arm signalsspeeding lawsrules against impeding trafficusing lamp at nightyielding the right-of-way as soon as entering a roadwaylaws prohibiting riding while intoxicated

However, there room some differences between the regulations for motorists and also those because that bicyclists. Because that example, bicyclists in particular age groups must stay helmets, and also there space special indicators that bicyclists should follow that automobiles execute not.

Responsibilities of a Bicyclist

As a bicyclist, you should know the rules of the road and be able to use them come bicycle riding. Girlfriend should additionally know how to ride safely to prevent collisions with automobiles, pedestrians, resolved objects, and other bicyclists.

Riding top top the left next of the street, versus traffic, is one of the most dangerous points a bicyclist deserve to do. About 33% of all car-bicycle crashes involved wrong way bicycle riders and most occur at intersections and involve transforming or crossing motorists.

By riding versus traffic, bicyclists approach intersections and driveways native a direction that is unexpected to motorists and also out of their normal sight pattern. By riding versus traffic, cyclists might not watch traffic manage devices that apply to them. Therefore, bicycles need to travel in very same direction as various other traffic, not versus it.

Bicycles must ride on the roadway, not the sidewalk. However, they need to use bicycle lanes, as soon as available. Bicyclists should normally ride in a right line as near to the best curb or sheet of the roadway together is practical, but always a car-door"s size away native parked vehicles.

Bicyclists have the right to legally relocate left from the right edge the the roadway to turn left, happen a parked or moving automobile or bicycle, and to avoid hitting animals, debris, or various other road hazards. Bicyclists may additionally ride near the left curb or sheet of the roadway top top one-way streets.

Bicyclists might ride side-by-side (two abreast) ~ above roadways, but they must ride single document when being overtaken by various other vehicles. Bicyclists may only travel more than 2 abreast on a shoulder, bike lane or bike path intended because that bike use if over there is sufficient space. However, they must be in single document when happen vehicles, pedestrians, or various other bicyclists.


Bike Lanes

The purpose of a bike roadway is to carry out a protected area for bicyclists so as to reduce the probability of crashes between engine vehicles and bicycles. A bicycle lane is significant by a heavy white line along either side of the street that is at least 4 feet from curb. This heat will generally be a broken ine near corners that intersections, yet not always. The indigenous BIKE LANE are painted in white top top the pavement in ~ various places in this lane.

Bicyclists are forced to use bicycle lanes, when they are existing on a roadway. However, lock may leave these lanes to pass, make turns, or stop a collision.

Bicyclists must be especially alert in ~ intersections. Many of the mishaps involving bicyclists that occur at intersections are because of the motorist’s failure to see and also yield come cyclists. Be alert for chauffeurs pulling out, crossing, turning left or turning right in front of you.

Bicyclists need to obey all website traffic signals and signs. Bicyclists do left and right hand turns in the same way that motorists do, utilizing the same rotate lanes as various other traffic. Bicyclists may make left turns as either chauffeurs or pedestrians do. To do a pedestrian left turn, the bicyclist should proceed straight throughout the intersecting road, follow the website traffic signals, revolve left at the corner, and also proceed as usual. Bicyclists may also dismount and also walk in the crosswalks the the 2 intersecting roads.

Hand signals because that turns room the same for bicyclists as for vehicles, except a best turn signal may be provided by expanding right arm straight out.

Bicyclists should use hand signals before they readjust lanes, turn, or stop. Bicyclists are allowed to signal a right-hand revolve by expanding their appropriate arm horizontally or extending their left arm bent upward at the elbow. A left hand rotate is come be indicated by prolonging one’s left arm out horizontally. A protect against is indicated by extending the left hand down.

Bicycles should stop before exiting driveways. Bicycle-vehicle accidents often occur when the bicyclist doesn’t stop at the finish of the driveway to look because that cars or when they room crossing a driveway ~ above a sidewalk and also a automobile pulls in prior of them.

It is illegal to ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Bicyclists must submit come a test of the BAC level. Bicyclists deserve to be fined up to $250.

Bicycles are forced to have actually front and also rear lights and reflectors when ridden at night.

Persons under 18 year of period are required to stay approved safety helmets whenever they room riding a bike (or as a passenger top top one) top top a street, bikeway, or various other public path or trail.

You can be cited for exceeding the rate limit or riding quicker than is safe for conditions on a bicycle.

Bicyclists need to yield the best of means to emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and also approaching vehicles.

It is illegal because that a bicyclist to operate on the highway wearing an ext than one earphone attached come a radio ice player or other audio device.


Driver duties to Bicyclists

Bicyclists are not the end of location on the roadway-- castle are part of the normal traffic flow and also share the road with various other drivers.

It is approximately bicyclists and motorists come treat each various other with care and respect. Strict adherence to the law and common courtesy space the foundation for this respect.

Be careful when driving near bicycles. A bike rider might be seriously hurt in one accident. Constantly leave many of room in between your vehicle and any bicycle. Watch very closely for bicycles prior to turning.

When driving close to bicyclists, make certain to look for hand signals from the rider indicating that he or she is turning left or right, or is stopping.

Make certain to examine your blind spots before transforming or making lane changes. Bicycles and also motorcycles are little and can easily be surprise in your remote spots.

Vehicles need to not drive in a bike lane uneven they are turning right in ~ a edge or various other entrance such as a driveway, or to departure such a corner or entrance. When making a ideal turn under these circumstances, girlfriend must go into the bike lane to begin your turn, however no sooner 보다 200 feet from suggest at i beg your pardon you will make your revolve . Watch because that bicycles prior to entering the bike lane.

When parked through a bike lane follow me the left side of your car, you should be specifically cautious in opening a door on the left side of the car, and also in general, constantly check for bicycles and also motorcycles before opening a left next door.

Drivers of engine- bicycles (mopeds) need to use bicycle lanes carefully to avoid mishaps with bike riders.

You may park in a bicycle lane uneven otherwise posted.

It is attention to quickly overtake a bicycle. Driver should be careful when control close come bicyclists. Permit a minimum of three feet of an are between the next of her vehicle and also the bicycle once passing. As soon as you desire to pass a vehicle or bicycle going in her direction, happen on the left.

Before passing a bicyclists in a narrow website traffic lane, wait till the website traffic is clean in opposing lane and then change lanes to pass the bicyclist. Execute not attempt to squeeze past the bicyclist. Prevent passing various other vehicles, consisting of motorcycles and bicycles on two-lane roads.

Before friend pass other vehicles, look ahead for people and bicyclists near the road that may reason other vehicles to relocate over right into your lane.

Be patient once passing a bicyclist. Slow-moving down and also pass only once it is safe. Do not squeeze out the bicyclist turn off the road.

While making a ideal hand turn you must merge in behind a bicycle fairly than cut in front of the bicycle regardless of whether there is a bike lane.

When transforming left, make sure to look because that motorcyclists and bicyclists. Watch because that bicyclists in between your vehicle and the curb due to the fact that they can legally usage left revolve lanes for their left turns.

When transforming right, gain close come the right edge of the road and also watch because that bicycles or motorcycles in between you and also the curb. Vehicle drivers should look very closely for bicyclists before turning right and also merge safely toward the curb or right into the bicycle lane.

Do not overtake a bicyclists just before making a ideal turn. Merge in the direction of the best first, then turn. Execute not make U-turns when a bicycle (or any vehicle) coming from opposing direction is close enough to it is in a hazard.


Sharing with Animals

Horse-drawn vehicles and riders of horses or other pets are licensed has been granted to share the roadway with you. You likewise need to recognize what to do must you conference stray or wild pets on or near the roadway. Persons riding or driving an animal upon a roadway have all the rights and responsibilities of auto drivers .

Yellow warning indicators are regularly posted along highways where pets are likely to get in the road. Slow-moving down and also be prepared

to reaction to animals on the road when you view these signs.

When encountering pets in or follow me the side of the road, sluggish down and also stop if necessary and also follow the orders of the persons in fee of the animal(s). When passing horses or horse-drawn vehicles, journey slowly and also do not make any kind of sudden moves with your vehicle. It is dangerous come scare animals on or near roadways by honking horn. It is versus the legislation to scare horses or stampede livestock.

If you view a stray animal in her path, slow-moving down or prevent if that is safe to execute so.

Many pets are most energetic around dusk and dawn, so you must be specifically careful when driving during these times. Look for animals that may enter the road as friend approach.

Animals might not it is in transported in the load an are or a pickup or various other truck unless effectively secured to prevent them from falling the end of the vehicle.

A collision through a huge animal can result in extensive damage to a vehicle and also serious injury or fatality to the residents of a car. Depending upon the dimension of the pet you are about to hit and your speed, it might be an ext dangerous come you and your passengers to protect against a collision by slamming ~ above the brakes, swerving right into oncoming traffic lanes, or attempting maneuvers that may cause you to lose manage of your car.

If you accidentally kill or injure an animal, girlfriend should: (a) pull over, (b) shot to situate the owner, (c) speak to the humane society, police, or CHP, (d) never ever leave the injured pet to die, and (e) never shot to move an injured animal

Animal Abandonment Law

CVC part 1666.5 and 21376 . These sections require the room of transportation to place and also maintain on major state highways entering the state, as specified, a authorize that claims that the abandonment or dumping that any animal is a crime punishable through a well of approximately $1,000, or by confinement in a county jail for up to six months, or both.

Passing Trucks

Don’t linger together a truck as soon as passing. Mental that huge trucks have considerable blind clues on their ideal side. Always pass large trucks top top the left side and also after you have passed the truck, relocate ahead of it.

If you linger together a huge truck while passing, you make it an extremely difficult, if no impossible, for the trucker to take it evasive activity if an obstacle shows up in the roadway ahead.

Do no follow a big truck too closely or tailgate. As soon as you follow behind a truck and also you cannot check out the van driver’s next mirrors, the trucker has no method of understanding you space there.

Tailgating a truck, or any vehicle, is dangerous because you take far your very own cushion of safety and security in prior of your vehicle. You have actually to consider where you will maneuver as soon as the truck in former of you stop quickly. Give yourself a four-second or an ext cushion of room in former of your automobile when following huge vehicles that block your see of the road ahead.

You need the extra room come see approximately the vehicle and also to the sides and to avoid in instance of one emergency situation. Plenty of passenger vehicle-large truck mishaps take ar at intersections due to the fact that the passenger vehicle driver did not realize just how close the truck was or how easily it to be traveling. A big truck often appears to be travel at a slow speed since of its big size.

Never underestimate the size and also speed of one approaching big truck or tractor-trailer. Think double before turning left or right in prior of a big truck.

Who is the most most likely to shed if you are wrong about your referee of the van speed?

Diamond-shaped indications on vehicles mean that the fill on the truck is dangerous and tell you what the hazard is. Vehicles which display screen these signs must stop prior to crossing railroad tracks. If you are adhering to a vehicle significant with one or much more of this placards and also railroad crossing is approaching, be ready for the auto to stop.

Some hazardous materials have actually codes which may be on indications on the auto carrying them so that emergency personnel know quickly what to perform if over there is a spill or fire. When complying with one of these vehicles, give yourself at the very least a four-second cushion of space in front of her vehicle. You carry out not want to rear-end a automobile carrying hazardous materials.

Sharing with Slow-Moving Vehicles

Some vehicles have actually trouble maintaining up through the rate of traffic. Instances include:

horse-drawn carriagesconstruction equipment farm tractors old historic vehicles

These vehicles usually travel at 25 MPH or lower.

Slow relocating vehicles may have actually an orange-colored triangle signs on the back to warning you the the auto travels slow than other traffic.

You should change your rate or change lanes before reaching a slow-moving vehicle. Some slow moving vehicles, such together garbage trucks, make constant stops ~ above the roadway.

These vehicles regularly have signs on castle which suggest that the auto makes frequent stops. Do not follow this vehicles as well closely and be prepared to protect against if the vehicle does.

Watch for big trucks and small, under-powered cars, since on long or steep hills they shed speed quickly. As soon as entering website traffic they take longer to acquire up to speed.

Sharing in occupational Zones

A work-related zone is any type of road job-related that may impede web traffic conditions. Numerous work area involve lane closures. They may likewise be ~ above the shoulder or in the median. Relocating work area such as sweepers or snowplows are also quite common. There room a number of events that make up a occupational zone. They can be lengthy term tasks or short term actions. A job-related zone can additionally exist in ~ anytime the year.

It is approximately you to ensure both her own and the workers" security by driving gradually through job-related areas. The highway worker"s life is in her hands .

Avoid road occupational zones altogether by using alternative routes, once you can. And, if you recognize can"t protect against them, follow the tips presented in this unit to make her travels through work-related zones safer.

If you recognize there is walk to be road construction on a route you have to travel, enable extra time for her trip. Travel during non-peak web traffic hours. Re-superstructure a journey or car pool to reduce congestion in the job-related zones.


Sharing in occupational Zones (cont.)

Areas where traffic is start or leaving occupational zones are most dangerous because that's where vehicle drivers are jockeying for position.

The usual theme amongst work area is the shade orange. Work-related zone products such together cones, barrels, signs, big vehicles, and orange lights give you an indication the you are either draw close a occupational zone or in a work-related zone. Employees who need to be top top highways shot hard come warn girlfriend of their presence by using orange equipment and also wearing orange clothing. When you see orange top top or near the roadway, you should be all set for people and also slow moving tools on the road.

Road obstructions in job-related zones might be significant with permanent warning signs, cones, sawhorses, and also various varieties of barriers. Watch for flaggers or signal persons near building sites. You need to obey instructions from signal persons at road construction sites and also the accuse on orange warning signs. Because that his or her safety, enable them to obtain to the next of the road before driving ahead.

You should permit an extra cushion of an are around your automobile when control near construction workers due to the fact that they are likely to be distracted by your work and also may action out in front of her vehicle.

Vehicles provided to preserve the highways, such as bulldozers, frequently move slowly on or alongside the roadway. Be all set to sluggish down or stop for them. Be watchful for construction vehicles moving in and also out of work-related zones.

When you view the shade orange, remain alert. You space approaching or traveling with a job-related zone. Continue with caution.

Sharing in job-related Zones (cont.)

Remember that normal driving conditions do not exist in and also around job-related zones. Guess events and also be prepared to answers quickly. Proceed with too much caution, and keep one eye the end for the unexpected.

When you space inside the a work zone, there room usually signs that direct motorists through the occupational zone safely. Watch for indications that tell you if there are various other unusual events, such together uneven pavement or no shoulder. You should obey all occupational zone signs. Do not end up being oblivious to job-related zone signs when the work is long term or widespread.

Work ar hazards include uneven pavement, small lanes, concrete barricades, heavy or slow-moving equipment, loosened gravel, and vehicles making suddenly stops.

Drive in ~ the post speed, which often has been reduced through the work zone. The penalty because that speeding hurt in a job-related zone is a fine same to double the amount the would normally be assessed.

Do not change lanes or pass other vehicles in work zones, unless instructed to execute so by signs or signal persons.

Leave plenty of room between your car and also the one in prior of you. Unexpected stops generally occur in occupational zones. Keeping at least three to four seconds of room between you and the automobile in prior is a great rule to follow. Additionally keep a safe distance in between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment and workers.

Pay attention and stay calm. Job-related zones room not intended to disrupt her schedule. They are there to improve the road and assist everyone remain on schedule.

Give complete attention to the control task. A roadway work-related zone is not the moment to choose up and also dial your cell phone, adjust the CD, look at the map or review the newspaper.

Don"t prevent or slow-moving down to watch roadway work. Keep your eye scanning the roadway ahead till you have totally moved through the work zone area.

Be extra careful at night when relocating through work-related zones, when obstacles such as barrels or roadway cones might be lying in the roadway.

Fines are doubled for specific violations committed in highway building or maintain zones when workers are existing and/or traffic is regulation or restricted by Caltrans or local authorities.

Sharing v Emergency Vehicles

The most usual winter work-related vehicles space snowplows. Over there are numerous things to remember once approaching a snowplow. Snowplows take trip at lessened speeds. Slow-moving down as soon as approaching a snowplow.

Stay behind the snowplow at the very least 300-500 feet. If you follow too very closely to a snowplow when it is sanding or salting the roadway, your car may obtain pelted through sand and also salt.

Never happen a snowplow. Snowplows create artificial snow clouds that might be an extremely dangerous because of various debris the is uncovered in them. The is also an overwhelming to determine which side of the plow is down. If your auto strikes the plow, it may cause serious damages to girlfriend and/or your vehicle.

Never drive in between snowplows. As soon as you see much more than one snowplow with each other it creates an opportunity to clear the roadway faster and also safer. However your chances of being in a crash with a snowplow is significantly increased as soon as trying to drive in between these teams of snowplows. Remember that each invited snowplow weighs 50,000 pounds. An average auto weighs 3,000 pounds. Perform not tempt fate.

Always yield to snowplows. The easiest means to convince you yourself to yield to a snowplow is the reality that driving conditions behind a snowplow space much better than problems ahead that it.

There is a the majority of work that is done turn off of the roadway. Guardrail repair, litter pickup, and drainage repair are simply a few examples. Make certain you are constantly aware the what is walking on roughly you. Continue to be alert and prepare to stop once approaching any kind of occupational being excellent on or turn off the roadway.

Whenever anything unexplained is happening turn off the roadway guess slowdowns early out to motorists unnecessarily the town hall the work. Once approaching a job-related zone turn off of the roadway, proceed at the posted speed and also fight off the advice to slow-moving down and look. This will assist in keeping the roadway moving.


Work region Statistics

There have been 149 Caltrans employee who have been eliminated in the line of duty. One of the greatest hazards is from motorists who execute not exercise caution if driving whereby highway workers space present.

In the critical 5 years, in California, there have actually been 30,000 collisions, 16,000 injuries and practically 300 deaths due to inattentive chauffeurs crashing in highway work-related zones.

In the critical 10 years, 98% of all world who have passed away in job-related zone crashes have actually been motorists. More motorists room killed and injured in work-related zone crashes 보다 highway workers. Chauffeurs are more likely come crash into other chauffeurs than the construction workers.

The most usual crash in a highway occupational zone is the rear-end collision due to tailgating. One in 3 crashes in job-related zones is a rear-end collision. The two other significant reasons for work zone crashes: Speeding and also inattentive driving.

Train Statistics

In any kind of given year, end 600 civilization die and second 1,300 or more are seriously hurt in highway-rail grade crossing collisions. Over 1,000 world are hurt or killed while trespassing on rail rights-of-way and property every year.

A trains strikes a pedestrian or vehicle around once every two hours. The impact of a train through a auto has the same proportion as a auto running over an aluminum can.

There are approximately 260,000 public, private, and also pedestrian at-grade crossings in the united States. Practically 50% that collisions at public class crossings take place where active warning gadgets (gates, lights, bells) exist.

Train and also pedestrian or motor automobile crashes are very severe. A motorist is 40 time as most likely to die in a collision with a train as in all other varieties of motor automobile accidents. An ext people die in highway-rail collisions yearly than in commercial airline crashes in an mean year.

The majority of vehicle-train crashes occur when the train is traveling much less than 30 miles every hour. Trains cannot protect against quickly.

The avoiding distance for a freight train of about 6,000 tons, traveling at 55 mph, is 5,280 feet -- one mile. In ~ that

distance, the train crew cannot check out you ~ above the tracks. An mean freight train traveling at 30 mph, or one eight-car passenger train traveling at 60 mph, needs 2/3 of a mile (3,500 feet) come stop. One eight-car passenger train traveling at 79 mph needs 1- 1/8 miles (6000 feet) come stop.

Because a train cannot swerve native the rails and requires a much much longer stopping distance 보다 a highway vehicle, drivers must constantly yield come trains.

Don"t misjudge a train"s speed and also distance. Due to the fact that of the big size of trains and also the viewing angle at which you watch them, they appear to move much slower than you think. If you have any doubts, stop and wait because that the train to pass.

The most common place for vehicles and railroad trains to meet is in ~ railroad-highway crossings. Railroad-highway crossings space a special form of intersection. Like various other intersections, they might be grade-separated, meaning that you should drive over a raised portion of the roadway to cross railroad tracks.

Approach rail crossings with the fist you would certainly use when approaching any intersection. Be prepared to productivity to the train.

Signs warn you that you are approaching a rail crossing. A circular yellow authorize containing a huge "X" means you space approaching a RR crossing. As soon as you view this authorize you must look and listen for trains in both directions. Be ready to stop, if necessary.

You need to expect a train on any kind of track at any kind of time. Freight trains carry out not travel on a constant schedule, and passenger train schedules adjust several time a year. Be mindful at a grade cross at any kind of time of the job or night.

Never race a train come a crossing. Also if friend tie, you still lose.

Crossing rail Tracks

Watch because that vehicles that need to stop prior to crossing rail tracks. Be prepared to stop as soon as you are following buses, institution buses, and big trucks carrying hazardous loads, whether or not there is an draw close train at the crossing.

If throughout the last 100 feet draw close the crossing, you cannot view the track for at the very least 400 feet in both directions, you may not cross the monitor at a speed much faster than 15 MPH. You may go quicker than 15 MPH if the crossing is controlled by gates, a warning signal, or a flagperson.

It is an extremely important to be cautious near rail crossings in ~ night. In the darkness, it is particularly an overwhelming to referee speed and distance of draw close trains. If girlfriend have any doubts, the is always better err ~ above the next of caution and wait for the train come pass.

It is illegal come pass an additional vehicle by steering in lanes of oncoming web traffic on or in ~ 100 feet the a railroad cross .

You might not park within 7.5 feet that a rail track.

A court may suspend your license for up to 6 months because that failing to prevent at a rail crossing when you are compelled to execute so.

Railroad crossings in some jurisdictions space equipped v automated(photographic) enforcement systems similar to the kind used to record red-light runners. This systems can be legally provided to give tickets to vehicle drivers who fail to prevent for trains as long as over there are signs warning drivers on every side that the crossing.

Railroad crossings room equipped v signs. They also may have pavement markings and signals and also controls such as bells, lights, and gates. You should stop at the very least 15 feet native railroad tracks when:

a human or signal advises you the a train is comingyou check out a train comingyou hear the horn or bell that a train nearby by

Railroad crossbuck signs are present at nearly all public railroad crossings. Treat lock the exact same as a productivity sign. You must slow down and stop if a train ideologies the crossing. You may continue once the crossing is clear. If over there is more than one track, a sign below the crossbuck shows the variety of tracks.

You may additionally see pavement markings, consisting of a huge white X, the letter RR and a avoid line, painted white on the pavement in former of a rail crossing. Constantly stay behind the painted border line while waiting for a happen train. At railroad crossings that carry out not have limit lines, you have to stop at the enntrance gate to the crossing.

Many class crossings have actually flashing red irradiate signals merged with crossbuck signs. Some additionally have bells i beg your pardon ring come warn of approaching trains. You need to treat these gadgets the same means you would a red web traffic light. Always stop when the lights start to speed and/or the bell rings; this means a train is coming. If over there is more than one track, make sure all tracks are clear prior to crossing. Carry out not proceed through the railroad crossing till it is clear and also the lights protect against flashing.

Remember the flashing red lamp at a rail crossing constantly mean come stop completely and automatically at the very least 15 feet prior to the tracks.

Gated crossings room a additional refinement of flashing light signals. They typical the same as plain flashing red light signals and also are an ext likely come be placed on busy roadways. Stop once the lights begin to flash and before the gate begins to lower throughout your roadway lane. Execute not effort to cross till the entrances are raised and the lights have actually stopped flashing. Perform not effort to drive around the gates. Carry out not stop straight on a gated crossing whereby there is the danger of obtaining trapped on that by lowered gates.

Do not drive roughly or under closed railroad gates; the illegal and also deadly. Wait for the gateways to rise and the red lights to stop flashing prior to proceeding. Cross only as soon as it is safe and you can see plainly in both directions.

Light Rail & Trolleys

Light rail vehicles, or trolleys, have actually the very same rights and also responsibilities top top public highways as various other vehicles. Although everyone should follow the very same traffic laws, trolleys, due to the fact that of your size, call for exceptional dealing with ability. To safely re-publishing the roadway with trolleys, you should be mindful of whereby trolleys operate and what their limitations are. Remember the trolleys differ from trains in many ways. In particular, lock are very quiet and also move an ext quickly than perform freight trains.

Some website traffic signals are used to regulate traffic because that trolleys and light rail trains only. The lights on this signals are significant with a "T" and also are provided to control trolley and light rails train website traffic only. Trolleys deserve to interrupt web traffic signals, so execute not proceed forward until the signal light indicates you may.

The same rules apply to trolley and also light rail crossings that use to train crossings. You should always yield the right-of-way to these vehicles when they overcome the roadway. Carry out not cross trolley or irradiate rail tracks till you deserve to see clearly in both directions and also you space sure the no various other trolley, light rail vehicle, or train is approaching.

Do not go approximately or under a closeup of the door trolley or light rail crossing gate.

A safety zone is a space set aside because that pedestrians boarding, entering, and waiting because that trolleys and also light rail vehicles. Castle are indicated by marked by raised buttons or mite on the roadway close to where this vehicles protect against to pick up or let turn off passengers. You will most often see safety zones in locations where there space street dare or trolleys making use of the same streets as vehicle traffic, such as in san Francisco.

Do no drive with or otherwise go into a security zone for any reason. When civilization are boarding or leaving a streetcar wherein there no safety zone, protect against behind the nearest door or car platform that the trolley or irradiate rail and also wait till the human being have reached a safe place.

When a bus or streetcar is stopped at a safety and security zone or in ~ an intersection where web traffic is regulated by a police officer or website traffic signal, you may pass as long as it is safe to perform so and also at no faster than 10 MPH .

You might not park in a safety zone or in between a safety and security zone and the curb. Do not park ~ above trolley or irradiate rail tracks. Perform not overtake and also pass on the left that a trolley, streetcar, or light rail vehicle, even if it is it is moving or standing, other than when you room on a one-way street, as soon as the tracks room so close to the ideal side that the road that girlfriend cannot pass on the right, or when a traffic officer directs friend to pass on the left.

Look for approaching trolleys and also light rail vehicles before you turn throughout the tracks. Finish your turn only if a signal (if installed) indicates you might proceed.

Never revolve in former of an approaching trolley or light rail vehicle. Let them pass prior to making your turn.

Trolleys and light rail vehicles are an overwhelming to handle and have significant blind spots. Be mindful that buildings, trees, and other objects reason blind spots for the operator.

Maintain a safe distance from the trolley or irradiate rail auto if it shares a street with vehicular traffic. In numerous cases, you might drive in the same lane as a trolley or light rail vehicle. Motorcyclists and also bicyclists need to be an extremely careful to not acquire their wheels caught in the tracks when doing so.

Sharing v Carpools

Carpooling and bus speak are helpful ways to save fuel and also reduce the variety of vehicles making use of highways in hefty commute traffic. The services of carpooling include:

reduced wear and also tear on your vehiclereduced prices for vehicle maintenance, gas, and possibly insurance money ratesit gives a customized transport servicereduced stressreduced need for parkingincreased totally free time for ridersif a carpool roadway is available, trips may take much less timereduced pollution due to auto emissions

Car property is not compelled to carpool. You deserve to carpool v other people who are searching for passengers to share commute expenses. Friend should inspect your insurance coverage if you decision to carpool. Some plans offer price reductions because that ridesharing.

Some freeways have actually special lanes and also on-ramps because that carpools. Using a carpool lane requires a minimum the 2 or 3 civilization in a vehicle, including the driver. Signs at the on-ramp or along the freeway tell girlfriend the number of people essential to use the lane and the days and also hours that the necessity applies.

The pavement that carpool lanes is marked with white diamond symbols and the native " CARPOOL lane ." part freeways may have special lanes for buses only, or because that buses and carpools only. This roadway is also marked by the diamond symbol.

One or an ext sets that parallel heavy yellow lines are offered to separate carpool lanes from normal web traffic lanes. Carry out not cross over these currently to get in or leave the carpool lane. Wait till the lines are broken or for some various other designated place to get in or exit the lane.

Unless otherwise posted, motorcyclists may use designated carpool lanes.

Carpool lanes sheathe 925 lane miles that the California state highway system and also plans are underway to dual this device over the next 20 years.

For successful carpooling, girlfriend should:

decide that will drive and whengive everyone a list with each carpooler's phone numberchoose a convenient pick up place (i.e., choose up each carpooler in ~ home, fulfill in a main location such together a Park and Ride lot, or possibly a combination of these)set up a schedule and also stick to it-- make certain everyone to know the schedule and is educated of changes and how long you will certainly wait for tardy ridersestablish a fare-- if you share the steering equally, you don't must exchange money, yet if one human drives, you deserve to simply agree ~ above a mutually acceptable fareestablish guidelines on smoking, eating, drinking, playing the radio or ice player, and also seating arrangements

In high-density website traffic areas, you might sometimes see whole street, or a few traffic lanes on a street, marked with cones. The cones suggest that a lane or street is being used differently. Because that example, to help relieve congestion at a concert, sports, or other cultural event, entire streets or a few lanes will be used for website traffic going in opposing direction indigenous what is "normal" until the website traffic congestion is cleared.

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Lesson 10 Quiz

You will now answer 5 inquiries to check what friend learned during this lesson. You must answer all questions effectively to get completion credit for this lesson. You might answer the concerns as plenty of times as crucial to obtain them right.You have to review the lesson material if girlfriend don"t carry out well on the quiz.

An orange trianglular authorize on the back of a automobile means:

It has actually right-of-way in all lanes (less 보다 25 mph) vehicle It has right-of-way in all lanes It has hazardous cargo that is a slow-moving

Pedestrians comprise around what ratio of web traffic fatalities?

1-in-15 1-in-3 1-in-6 1-in-10

The most typical collision in a work-related zone is from:

Speeding Tailgating Improper pass fail to yield

In the unified States, a bicyclist is killed:

Every main Every 12 hours Every job Every 6 hrs

If friend fail to protect against for a institution bus v flashing red lights:

no one of this answers are correct You deserve to have your patent revoked You may be fined approximately $1,000.00 You deserve to go to jail because that 30 job